It Is So Green Here / Laptop Bummerville 2007 Jul 15

Fecund morning in Roanoke

It’s noon here, which means it’s nine ante meridiem back in California. It’s odd to think about that difference.

Meanwhile, I’m a little bummed because my laptop is going wonky. It’s an iBook G4:

My laptop is going wonky.  My laptop is going wonky. Part 2.

Anyone seen this kind of “melting screen” effect. Happens at random. I suspect it’s the hard drive crashing and grinding. Luckily there’s lots of other machines I can do work on. I’m letting it take a rest for a while.

Joe Crawford blogged this at 7:53am in 2007 in July. The 15th was a Sunday. You are reading this 12 years later. Comment. There are 3 comments Tweet. Send email. It has hashtags→ .

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i had a similar thing happen to my computer. it turned out to be the wiring to the screen. this may or may not help. apple care = hateful and mean but well worth it.

Thanks Kyle. I suspect it’s the hard drive. It’s probably at the end of its’ life and I’ll probably let it go.

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