Richard Gate: Zzyzx Road2007Aug06

My brother-in-law Rick has a new show at the Ruth Bachofner Gallery, entitled Zzyzx Road, as part of that show several new paintings have been placed (by me) on the Paintings page on his site. I find Rick to be an interesting character. At once he reminds me of my father to some extent, but he’s so not. He’s just a man, and a father, and a brother-in-law. I enjoy the fact that his paintings have mathematical precision, but inlaid with primal and base native arts. It’s interesting to see the id and the superego play so easily together.

Give Me A Sign

The Ruth Bachofner Gallery is located in Santa Monica. I’m hoping to get down there before the show closes September 1st. If you’re in the L.A. area, I surmise it’s worth a look. As a bonus, I can tell you that Bergamot Station is worth visiting anytime.

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