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  • Joseph Christian Leyendecker

    I’ve started reading many more blogs about drawing, illustration, animation, and comics, and I have to mention an artist who quite impressed me, and who I had never heard of. Over at lines and colors, Charley Parker posted about him the other day and it wowed me: lines and colors: A Little Bit of Leyendecker…

  • LP Cover Lover says “Hey, Joe”

    I feel quite honored to have been ask to suggest a post to LP Cover Lover, and it has come to pass: LP Cover Lover ยท Hey, Joe All I did was mention it here, and I got noticed. I’ve mentioned the Captain Kangaroo record before, here.

  • catches up with William Gibson

    I carped about the other day in William Gibson Book Tour (Updated) and I will note that they have now updated the William Gibson page, and the RSS Feed thereto with updated information. There’s also a page and a feed just for Vroman’s. That’s a nice feature. I’ll back off being too harsh on…

  • Yesterday and Today in Facial Hair

    Compare and contrast: Perhaps it’s time to again try for a Zappa style arrangement, though that particular arrangement freaks Leah out a little because it reminds her some jerk. And I am not a jerk. Well, usually: Tune in tomorrow on WHAT’S JOE’S FACE LOOK LIKE!

  • Google Maps Street View

    This morning I saw this post on LAist about Google Maps Street View in L.A. That works well, but despite the fact that I live approximately in Los Angeles I was more interested in San Diego views. And downtown, my old stomping grounds is pretty well covered. When I was 18 years old (uh, that’s…