My Internal Musical State 2007 Aug 30

I had forgotten about, but it seems to be showing a pretty good representation of my music choices, since, *ahem* it’s always watching what I play when I’m working on stuff at home. You can see the whole list at

Here are the top artists overall:

1They Might Be Giants1,416
2Steely Dan1,092
3Frank Zappa680
5Negro Problem331
6Elvis Costello & The Attractions308
7Ben Folds252
8Ben Folds Five194
9The Negro Problem179
12Randy Newman144
14Donald Fagen115
15Talking Heads105
16New Order96
17Mazzy Star90
18808 State87
19The Puppini Sisters83
20Warren Zevon77
21The Smiths70
23The Beach Boys59
24Christina Aguilera57
26Vince Guaraldi Trio56
27Tom Waits55
28Bob Dylan54
28Joy Division54
31Fiona Apple48
31Public Image Ltd.48
33The Beatles47
34Beastie Boys46
35Flight of Conchords44
36Norah Jones43
37Johnny Cash41
38Toshinobu Kubota40
38Kate Bush40
40Brian Wilson39
40Bryan Ferry39
42Roxy Music38
43David Byrne37
44Kanye West34
45Matthew Sweet32
46Liz Phair29
46Los Lobos29
49Dwight Yoakam27
49Tree Wave27
Joe Crawford blogged this at 7:55am in 2007 in August. The 30th was a Thursday. You are reading this 12 years later. Comment. There is one comment Tweet. Send email. It has no hastags.

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