Five Years Ago I Met Leah2007Sep18

September 18, 2002 I met Leah. I met her at a WebSanDiego event at which there were actually two other women I was seeing. In fact, one of these women asked Leah to hold her purse.

I was quite uncomfortable that night, and in no way looking to find anyone to date, let alone live with, marry and move with.

But I did meet her, and I declared WebSanDiego Happy Hour 9 Awesome for it. She stole beans off my plate.

Have we really packed in this much life in five years? It seems we have. I’m glad we did.

In December, we’ll have been married three years.

Here’s a shot from that time: we house-sat together:

Leah and Sky in 2002 x 2

We’ve been through a lot, and it’s all been worth it.

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congrats! my best to you both.

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