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  • Supercharming: Google explains iGoogle to Japan

    Found via JapanProbe, which describes it thus: This video, in which Google spokesman Brad tells Japanese netizens about how they can customize their Google Homepage with iGoogle, has been featured on the main page of YouTube Japan: Think it will convince many Japanese netizens to stop using Yahoo over Google?

  • Moorpark Packers Photos Page Needs Work

    Last night I uploaded a bunch of photos for a few different teams on the Moorpark Packers. I have to say though, before the month is out I want to improve the interface for viewing these photos, it’s hacked up from, like, years ago now, and needs some serious love to get it so that…

  • Tree Wave Love

    I mentioned yesterday in a comment in response to a comment my old friend Erin made, wherein she mentions she heard Christina Aguilera and thought of me. Yes, I was so into Christina several years ago that a certain number of people now associate me with her. I’m not listening to that much Christina Aguilera…

  • Belinda Carlisle

    At various times it comes up in conversation that I have a crush on Belinda Carlisle. Well, not Belinda Carlisle as such, but rather the version of Belinda Carlisle when she was in the Go-Go’s, but before the Go-Go’s broke with their smash single “Vacation.” Specifically I believe this version of her was just a…