Morning’s Miscellany 2007 Oct 10

Zappa Documentary on YouTube, Pointed to by Kill Ugly Radio:

10 Zen Monkeys asks writers Is The Net Good For Writers? My favorite is Clay Shirky’s.

My current musical obsessions: Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street, Foo Fighter’s Baker Street, Toy Doll’s Nellie the Elephant, Siouxsee & the Banshees Dear Prudence, Christine, and The Passenger, and most of all Burning Sensations’ Belly of the Whale.

One of my favorite independent comics artists of the 1980s has a blog! Larry Marder of Beanworld.

Adam Bosworth, officially formerly of Google now, is up to something new, and doubleblogging about it. I found his talk at thr 2005 MySQL Users Conference inspirational. It’s one of a few talks I return to every so often because it’s so packed full of ideas.

Don MacAskill of SmugMug points out that Amazon S3 now has a Service Level Agreement. This is good news. Leah and I have been talking about using S3 for hosting some of the larger files we serve off our various sites. Particularly podcasts, which she’s started doing, by the way.

Speaking of which, Leah is indeed podcasting. I think it’s great! Have you ever subscribed to a podcast? Well, it’s pretty easy, if you have iTunes, go to Advanced … Subscribe to Podcast… and enter Then sit back and listen. How often will she be podcasting? I have no idea.

The day commenceth!

Joe Crawford blogged this at 8:28am in 2007 in October. The 10th was a Wednesday. You are reading this 12 years later. Comment. There are no comments Tweet. Send email. It has hashtags→ .

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