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  • Reader Subscription Stats are Complicated

    Check out more information over at the FeedBurner Blog: Burning Questions • Google Reader Subscription Stats and FeedBurner I don’t pay too much attention to stats, but I do watch for folks coming in through referring links. FeedBurner is pretty cool, I use the FeedSmith plugin referenced. Valleywag’s take is typically cynical.

  • Good Weekend

    It was a good weekend. Pumpkin pie. Paychecks arrived on-time. Bills paid on-time. Leah‘s still back: awesome. Latest photos? Terrific. Heard good things from my sister by text message about the cytology of my Mom’s cancer. She continues to recover from her surgery. As Drudge would say… developing. Not looking forward to the traffic today…

  • .NET, Miguel de Icaza

    A few weeks ago Miguel de Icaza, the firebrand behing Mono, the open source implementation of Dot Net, posted a bit about the punditry about Microsoft’s decision to allow folks to look at the code behind Dot Net. Not exactly open sourcing it. Got that, he was talking about those talking about it:  A Journey…