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  • Youth Pastor Joe

    So at work some of the guys, notably Jukebox JT, have started referring to me as “Youth Pastor Joe” — presumably it’s about my being generally non-confrontational, even-tempered, and diplomatic. They mentioned I should have a public-access TV show and issue helpful messages to the kids today. It’s pretty funny stuff, actually. Youth Pastor Joe…

  • Movable Type Open Source

    Movable Type went open source yesterday, and I don’t care. Too little, too late. A long time ago, it seemed like MT was the way to put together a blog. It was free for personal use, it was good, it was used by heavyweights of blogging. But I could never get past two things: the…

  • Leah and Joe, a Bit Tired

    I really like the photo, but we do look a bit worn out. I do like it very much though. Dooce takes some great photos. This photo was from Friday night, pretty late.