Youth Pastor Joe 2007 Dec 13

So at work some of the guys, notably Jukebox JT, have started referring to me as “Youth Pastor Joe” — presumably it’s about my being generally non-confrontational, even-tempered, and diplomatic. They mentioned I should have a public-access TV show and issue helpful messages to the kids today. It’s pretty funny stuff, actually.

Youth Pastor Joe has a nice ring, no? I don’t mind being poked fun of, really. Not if it’s for being a congenial guy.

blogged this at 9:49am in 2007 in December. The 13th was a Thursday. You are reading this 12 years later. Comment. There are 2 comments Tweet. Send email. It has no hastags.

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I think it’s very appropriate — not just for your congeniality, but also your warmth and caring.

Doug is “Safety Council Doug” because he’s always cautioning me not to run out into the street 🙂

I like “Safety Council Doug” – – he can be my Mr. Green Jeans!

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