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So the lore in Los Angeles is that people in Los Angeles can’t drive in the rain. It feels so true, everyone says it. Even I say it, and I have lived in enough places to know that things are the same all over.

Anyway, one of my favorite blogs, Militant Angeleno did some research and that research has resulted in the post: Militant Angeleno: Raining, Blaming, Maintaining, Hydroplaning. The upshot, people all over claim their fellow citizens can’t drive. It’s not unique to Los Angeles in the least. I find myself quite surprised.

The Militant will now provide a (by no means comprehensive) list of sites and blogs from around the country, via his Militant research, which declare the drivers of their respective locales (including some known for frequent precipitation) as people who “Can’t drive in the rain.”

Richmond, VA




Roanoke, VA

The Bay Area

The Bay Area again


Austin, TX (look out, Virginia, you got competition!)

Central Alabama

South Carolina, Alaska, Canada and New York


The South

Hawai’i (A state which is home to the world’s rainiest place)

Springfield, VA (Way to go, Virginia!)

and finally…


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