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292 ArtLung posts from 2008

Wednesday 02 Jan 2008
Holidays Officially Over
Citizen of the Month
Friday 04 Jan 2008
Credit Cards: Pro, Con
Wacom Bamboo Fun (small)
Friday 11 Jan 2008
Happy Birthday Leah!
Saturday 12 Jan 2008
Older, Still. Random Long Rambling.
Petition: Aggressive Action by the ZFT
Tuesday 15 Jan 2008
Bebo: Yet Another Social Network
Sunday 20 Jan 2008
Bizarre Data-Mining Oddness from Sprint
Monday 21 Jan 2008
The Figure 5 in Gold
The End of Uncov
Wednesday 23 Jan 2008
Thursday 24 Jan 2008
Movies Owned Which Can Predictably Induce Crying
Found Object
Saturday 26 Jan 2008
The Misc For The Week
Tuesday 29 Jan 2008
Abort, Retry, Fail
Wednesday 30 Jan 2008
Not Very Helpful, Really
Friday 01 Feb 2008
Some Kate Nash for Friday
Sunday 03 Feb 2008
Year of the Rat
Tuesday 05 Feb 2008
Today, California, Vote
Kate Nash on Jools Holland
Wednesday 06 Feb 2008
Television Etiquette
Friday 08 Feb 2008
The Mind of the Market
Monday 11 Feb 2008
Tuesday 12 Feb 2008
Ah, Nostalgia
Thursday 14 Feb 2008
Happy Valentine’s Day Leah!
Tuesday 26 Feb 2008
Unsung: 7 Years Blogging
Wednesday 27 Feb 2008
BarcampLA #5: I am going.
Friday 29 Feb 2008
Mr. Bird
Monday 03 Mar 2008
BarCampLA5, including YUI 101 Presentation Slides
Tuesday 04 Mar 2008
“Stop Bending the Shafts!!!”
Friday 07 Mar 2008
“Don’t Just Watch Television Tonight, Play It!”
Recruiter Fail
Sunday 09 Mar 2008
Rock, Zevon, Swimming, Moving
Debt: Ultimate Dream Killer
Leah, Painting
Monday 10 Mar 2008
The Wire Ends
“Banana Hell”
Seeking “Paul Ronald Ryan” from Dodger Game, 1960s
Tuesday 11 Mar 2008
Obama is still ahead
Wednesday 12 Mar 2008
Dave Stevens: 1955-2008
Thursday 13 Mar 2008
T.P.B. Barnett comments on citizenry’s distrust
How to Dial a Telephone (1927)
Friday 14 Mar 2008
Joe Bennion’s Pottery
David Mamet on politics and reevaluating positions
Saturday 15 Mar 2008
The Smilie of a Completed Debt
Monday 17 Mar 2008
File under: Stepdad Pride, Swimming, Other
Two Awesome Songs
Tuesday 18 Mar 2008
Robot Ponies
Big truck on fire on 118 West
Thursday 20 Mar 2008
Hollywood Mobile Movie
Thirty-Eight Today
Friday 21 Mar 2008
Dog in a Sack
Driver’s License Party Trick, Goodbye
Tracklisting: Cover Up and My Cover’s Blown
Saturday 22 Mar 2008
Even More David Simon
Monday 24 Mar 2008
Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Get Lamp
Tuesday 25 Mar 2008
Desk Candy; Rental; Saturday
Raccoon Hound!
Wednesday 26 Mar 2008
Finest Bad Movie Review Ever
Thursday 27 Mar 2008
People are listening to speeches… by Obama
Friday 28 Mar 2008
And Then…
Saturday 29 Mar 2008
JavaScript Geekery: John Resig
The Thing with the Video Card
Upgraded to WordPress 2.5
Sunday 30 Mar 2008
Cat and Girl Donation Derby!
New Ronny Vardy Etsy Store
Quote of the Day
Monday 31 Mar 2008
Race & Cesar Chavez Day
Tuesday 01 Apr 2008
Something from The Onion
Computers, Tron & Clifford Stoll
Twenty Year Anniversary
Wednesday 02 Apr 2008
Ebert will be reviewing again
Like Lee Perry, I’m Very On
Thursday 03 Apr 2008
Ode To Thursday
Friday 04 Apr 2008
Oh That Yahweh!
Multiple Roles in Movies
The Underwater Boy
Saturday 05 Apr 2008
Moving Day
Monday 07 Apr 2008
Yes, we’re moved.
Okay, one more post today.
Recruiter Etiquette, Or Lack Thereof
Tuesday 08 Apr 2008
Hilarious Outrage
Tweetclouds.com visualization of “artlung”
Wednesday 09 Apr 2008
Water is a Balm for my Self
Thursday 10 Apr 2008
Hypoxic Training?
Friday 11 Apr 2008
“Hi, I’m Joe”
Sunday 13 Apr 2008
Lyrics of the Day: Heidegger in Harlem
Monday 14 Apr 2008
Beach Time, Not Quite
Barnett and Kunstler on Obama’s Impolitic Words
Tuesday 15 Apr 2008
Breakdancing Kid on Mr. Rogers
Boøwy: Plastic Bomb
Wednesday 16 Apr 2008
Tax Day Was Yesterday And Today I Am Not Dead
Iron Man… the cup!
Thursday 17 Apr 2008
Bible Reading of the Day; Mom
Adventures on the Work Phone Number
Friday 18 Apr 2008
Free Simi Valley E-Waste Collection
Kids, younger
Sunday 20 Apr 2008
Welcome to Thunderdome!
Monday 21 Apr 2008
Weekend’s End
Tuesday 22 Apr 2008
Poor Communications Skills
Wednesday 23 Apr 2008
So Tired
Bicycling the 405
Thursday 24 Apr 2008
Flying Tomorrow
Monday 28 Apr 2008
Back from D.C.
Tuesday 29 Apr 2008
Before and After Trip
Terrific Article: Microsoft/Yahoo
Leah has an essay in this
Wednesday 30 Apr 2008
Music Vids of the Day
Thursday 01 May 2008
Clay Shirky at 2.0 Conference
Sickly Joe; Ubuntu; Finances; April Wrap-Up
Friday 02 May 2008
Sickish. Misckish.
Sunday 04 May 2008
Sickness’ End and DOS Joe
Monday 05 May 2008
A Few Updates
Tuesday 06 May 2008
Back in the saddle, again…
Wednesday 07 May 2008
Gmail Bozo Tag
Friday 09 May 2008
$3.999 per Gallon
Saturday 10 May 2008
Eloquent Defense of Kidblogging
Movies This Year
Iron Man, Redesigned
Sunday 11 May 2008
Misc, Art, Mother’s Day
Monday 12 May 2008
As a matter of fact…
Passing Strange on The View
Tuesday 13 May 2008
Seven Nominations for Passing Strange
Passing Strange on iTunes May 27, 2008
After Action Report: SIGGRAPH, Petersen Auto Museum, Chris, Canter’s
Wednesday 14 May 2008
Three by Missing Persons
Upcoming Documentaries
Sunday 18 May 2008
Go Speed Racer Go!
Swimming in Malibu
Monday 19 May 2008
Malibu Kiteboarders, April
Weekend Update
Tuesday 20 May 2008
Wednesday 21 May 2008
Tennis Pong
Thursday 22 May 2008
Blade Runner BMW Ad
Plan for Saturday
Friday 23 May 2008
Dawn Patrol
AIDS/LifeCycle – Sponsor Mok!
Tuesday 27 May 2008
Fry’s, El Capitan, Geocaching & My Stanky Feet
Wednesday 28 May 2008
Soy Cowboy: Lily Pads & Rock Cod
I’m proud of my regularity. SWIMMING regularity.
Last.fm Wallpaper Generator
Rachel Ray, Terrorist.
Thursday 29 May 2008
Housekeeping Miscellany
Rooftop Vehicle Storage
Sunday 01 Jun 2008
The Misc on the Bus Goes Round and Round
Monday 02 Jun 2008
Big Week
Tuesday 03 Jun 2008
Swimmer’s Ear & Colombia
Wednesday 04 Jun 2008
Late Night
Friday 06 Jun 2008
Oh, the incredible miscellany of it all; Who I’m reading these days
Saturday 07 Jun 2008
Thank You, Hillary
Monday 09 Jun 2008
Test Post.
Wednesday 11 Jun 2008
Stew on Theater Talk
Drop Everything for this Stew Interview
My Wife Met Juan Valdez
Plurk. Yes, another social network with dubious merits.
Thursday 12 Jun 2008
Wood Beez + Scritti Politti + 1980s Music
Friday 13 Jun 2008
June Gloom
Silliness of the Day
Monday 16 Jun 2008
Oh, right, blogging. Hi!
Tuesday 17 Jun 2008
My Name Is Elderberry! How Do You Do?
Thursday 19 Jun 2008
In Brief: Happily
Tuesday 24 Jun 2008
General Zod Never Fails
ArtLung Blogpost Count
Wednesday 25 Jun 2008
My Sister Is Beautiful
On My Mind Now
Thursday 26 Jun 2008
Around the Web
Saturday 05 Jul 2008
Everybody’s coming home for lunch these days: Camper Van Beethoven
And then, I tried to catch up with my blogreading.
Sunday 06 Jul 2008
Sassy Dad
Wednesday 09 Jul 2008
Lyrics of the Moment
The Pro From Dover Sees Surfboards
Thursday 10 Jul 2008
The Morning Sun
Saturday 12 Jul 2008
The Truth
Tuesday 15 Jul 2008
San Francisco Suggestions?
Wednesday 16 Jul 2008
Let Forever Be
Saturday 19 Jul 2008
BlogHer Blur
Monday 21 Jul 2008
Back from BlogHer!
Tuesday 22 Jul 2008
Not exactly how I feel, but close.
Friday 25 Jul 2008
Mural Headline: “Home Foreclosures; Banks Refuse U.S. Home Loan Bonds”
Monday 28 Jul 2008
Coit Tower, Lombard Street, Me
Tuesday 29 Jul 2008
Bar Camp LA 4 Rocked (Post Retrieved from Drafts)
Wednesday 30 Jul 2008
In Maui
Thursday 31 Jul 2008
WebSanDiego Movie Night, 2001
Leah Reads
On The Money Front
William Gibson
Friday 01 Aug 2008
Two from the ride from the airport
Saturday 02 Aug 2008
My “Most” Images on Flickr
To Molokini; Seasickness
Charles Schulz
Sunday 03 Aug 2008
Behind the Resort
Is John McCain Stupid?
Running Out Of Tropical
Monday 04 Aug 2008
Offline Blog Tools
Three Photos from Yesterday
Friday 08 Aug 2008
Three from the drive to Washington State
Tuesday 12 Aug 2008
Home, Finally.
Monday 18 Aug 2008
No On Proposition 8
Latest Thomas Barnett Lecture
Two Zappa-related Entertainments Coming to Los Angeles
Inspirational answer from Ralph Bakshi on surviving in the arts
Latest Items That Made Me Laugh
Tuesday 19 Aug 2008
Unfit for Publication
Donald has a Brewski
Wednesday 20 Aug 2008
I don’t remember D&D being so seductive
Saturday 23 Aug 2008
Bear Creek Apartments; Bryan Lee O’Malley
Sunday 24 Aug 2008
What is the proper function of libraries? Uncle Bobby’s Wedding
Monday 25 Aug 2008
Web Anthropology, particularly YouTube
Penetrators: Shopping Bag
Wednesday 27 Aug 2008
Site Launch: The Prosser Group
Thursday 28 Aug 2008
Vote for Abigail for Southwest Blog-o-spondant
Friday 29 Aug 2008
Animation: Initial energy lost in final product
Yahoo! Mash Shuts Down
Digital Breast Reduction in Pixar’s Knick Knack
Chris and Pensacola
Sunday 31 Aug 2008
Rollerskating Ninjas
The Pain of Paying; Decline of Credit
Saturday 13 Sep 2008
Drupal Camp LA 2008
Sunday 14 Sep 2008
Our Lady of the Angels & DrupalCampLA
Monday 15 Sep 2008
Whatsoever You Do
Tuesday 16 Sep 2008
Web pages are dead. Long live web pages. (If they’re made of people)
Friday 19 Sep 2008
Senator Brad Esposito
Tuesday 14 Oct 2008
AOL Journals Closes, Encourages Migration to Blogger.com
Wednesday 22 Oct 2008
Walt Disney; What’s My Line
Lyrics of the Day (Yesterday): Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
Understanding Sarah Palin
Thursday 23 Oct 2008
That’s My Guy
Saturday 25 Oct 2008
BarCampLA6 is where I’m at.
Sunday 26 Oct 2008
Stating Where It’s At
Monday 27 Oct 2008
Senator Biden is now my Homeboy.
Tuesday 28 Oct 2008
This is sometimes how I feel
California’s History of Miscegenation Laws
Wednesday 29 Oct 2008
Media Bias? Waa!
Leahpeah Stuff: leahpeah.etsy.com
Thursday 30 Oct 2008
Vampirella like Rio by Nagel
BlogRush Shuts Down
Friday 31 Oct 2008
Negative Attack Ads Show You Have No Vision
Feeling like you can take it easy?
Happy Halloween 2008!
Saturday 01 Nov 2008
Star Trek Demonstration: 1968
Monday 03 Nov 2008
I’m Tired of Politics
Wednesday 05 Nov 2008
The future is unwritten
Monday 10 Nov 2008
Untitled, Really
Lots of Videos
Tuesday 11 Nov 2008
Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!
Google: PHDs with Tanks
Found via Multicolr via American Apparel
Thursday 13 Nov 2008
Ventura County Tech.com
Santa Barbara Drupal Meet
Friday 14 Nov 2008
War of the Worlds 2.0
Handicraft Guide to Cartooning for Armed Forces Personnel
Redesigning Drupal.org in the open
Saturday 15 Nov 2008
LDS and Proposition 8
Predicting the meltdown
Looking at the financial mess as the end of the excesses of the 1980s
Tuesday 18 Nov 2008
I Like The Way You Move
Wednesday 19 Nov 2008
Penguin Project: Go on an adventure in Antarctica!
The Reluctant Sysadmin
Thursday 20 Nov 2008
Monday 24 Nov 2008
Moved, Worn Out, Ready For Action
Los Angeles Tech Networking
Tuesday 25 Nov 2008
Ventura County Tech: Reskinned
“Friend Requests”
Thursday 27 Nov 2008
Happy Thanksgiving
Tuesday 02 Dec 2008
Ex-Cat Photos Unearthed
Wednesday 03 Dec 2008
Rocketry is the key to receiving The Holy Spirit?
Thursday 04 Dec 2008
Quote of the Day: Jason Zweig
Kimba and Me
Tuesday 09 Dec 2008
New Dayjob in Hollywood
Thursday 11 Dec 2008
Upgraded to 2.7
Saturday 13 Dec 2008
Dayjob View
Tuesday 16 Dec 2008
Cold This Morning
Friday 19 Dec 2008
“Them Bats is Smart, They Use Radar”
Monday 22 Dec 2008
Snowing Here in UT
Snowman by Ty and Tony
Saturday 27 Dec 2008
Zappa in Rehearsal, 1973
Monday 29 Dec 2008
A very few milestones here at the end of 2008.
Tuesday 30 Dec 2008
Amoeba in the Morning
A Wand’ring Minstrel I
Wednesday 31 Dec 2008
Steampunk Exoskeleton