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Kate Nash on Jools Holland 2008 Feb 05

The other day I got a comment from Ellen mentioning Jools Holland, who I have indeed heard of, and here’s Kate Nash again, singing Foundations from Jools’ show. If I haven’t warned you before, I’ll warn you now, Kate uses salty language.

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Jools! I have been trying to watch the reruns of Jools shows on Fuse, but it seems like they’re on alla the time!

So yeah like Jools was in Squeeze! How can you go wrong?

Okay – i downloaded some of your friend Kate Nash’s stuff and it sounds like i will prolly like it. 🙂 If i dig it, I’ll try to get the library to buy her stuff.

see ya latah,

Hehe — cool e! Yah, she’s good. Super-new artist though, and so British. Great stuff.

Learned about Kate from ArtLung. Now I notice she is on the XM 43 (XMU) play-list. Nice find.

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