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The Smilie of a Completed Debt 2008 Mar 15

One of my favorite things is sending that last payment of a debt. The other day I got to do that and, while putting it in the mail is gratifying, having the check clear is even better.

This morning I checked the bank account to see what has cleared, and found several cleared checks from the past weeks. The one I sent off earlier in the week that was debt completion was there. Some I can tell from the amount, this one I had to look at. So I do. And what do I see? I see that the bottom right corner of the check includes a little smilie! How’s that for cute?

I took a little screen capture of it:

The Smilie of a Completed Debt

Mind you, I don’t recall if the images of previous cleared checks included this little “THANK YOU” and smilie.

But I have to admit, I smiled. For the tiny smilie, partly. And for the little zero I get to add to the debt snowball spreadsheet.

Rock on my peoples.

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