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  • Tracklisting: Cover Up and My Cover’s Blown

    I mentioned making some mix CDs the other day for a friend of mine. I’m pretty sure it has arrived by now, and here are the tracklistings behind the jump. The format is Number – Title . . . Artist [Originator/Populizer]

  • Driver’s License Party Trick, Goodbye

    So this year my driver’s license expired, and so I renewed it and I had to kiss my party trick good-bye. I used to love proving I once had hair to my waist by whipping this lovely photo out. No longer, my latest license just has a standard issue terrible photo. I suppose I could…

  • Dog in a Sack

    You know, people have made fun of this invention, some even have derided it as cruel. However, I can see some dogs I have known kind having fun. Maybe only for short trips, I admit. And I’m certainly sympathetic to the fact that dogs can wreak havoc inside a car, as a distraction, making trouble….