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Driver’s License Party Trick, Goodbye 2008 Mar 21

Driver’s License Party Trick, Goodbye

So this year my driver’s license expired, and so I renewed it and I had to kiss my party trick good-bye. I used to love proving I once had hair to my waist by whipping this lovely photo out.

No longer, my latest license just has a standard issue terrible photo.

I suppose I could aim at 2013 to have long hair again, though it would be quite a bit grayer by then.

My birthday was quite mellow yesterday. Leah sang to me and gave me cake and it was just fine.

This weekend we’ll try and go out.

Also coming up this weekend: looking for a place to live! Fun. Which is to say, not really very fun.

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Happy Birthday! and why are you moving?? yuck!

Thanks Jenn!

We’re moving because the rental we took super-near the kids is a bit too near, and far too small (3 bedroom). We’re seeking a 4 bedroom to accommodate our needs better (more bedrooms, office, room for creative work).

Renee Brett

April 3, 2008 7:02pm

OMG this is the Joe I last saw! I like the blog Joe better. You look great!

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