this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • The Underwater Boy
    Tuesday morning on the way to Camarillo I was stuck in some traffic: Yesterday morning I went into work early, via PCH, and the overcast was sort of pretty: And this is what I look like after a swim: I think of swimming laps as a bit like methadone. I’m looking forward to the heroin…
  • Multiple Roles in Movies
    The other day at lunch my workmates and I spent an inordinate amount of time discussing people who played multiple roles in the same film. The major one I thought of was Peter Sellers — and Eddie Murphy is practically the canonical example from Coming to America. It vexed me that I could not think…
  • Oh That Yahweh!
    Sinfest remains a favorite for me. By turns smart, ribald, dirty, funny, sexy, thoughtful, deep — it’s exactly what an online comic should be.