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  • Murderball

    So at lunchtime today I went and swam again. A week without swimming is like a week without sunshine, baby! Good to get back but it wore me out. Maybe I should have stretched before? I figure if I ramp up slowly that counts as stretching for swimming, but maybe I need to rethink that….

  • Upcoming Documentaries

    Despite being excited about Speed Racer, I find myself unimpressed by the vast majority of the movies that come out. Two documentaries that are on tap look really great though. The first is American Teen (via Slashfilm, and again): The second is Surfwise (via Slashfilm):

  • Three by Missing Persons

    Missing Persons is not a band I ever got way into, but I remember liking their music. My uncle had Spring Session M and we listened to that record on his stereo when we went to Lake Dolores (a long defunct waterpark halfway to Las Vegas). Keep in mind I was 10 years old in…