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  • Rachel Ray, Terrorist.
    My latest favorite blogger is Nick Mamatas, writer. He writes as Nihilistic Kid. He writes about some stupid dust up about Rachel Ray and Palestine. I tend to avoid political blogs, but it turns out Michelle Malkin is a dope. Nick is funny. I remember him from a long time ago when Kynn did a…
  • Wallpaper Generator
    Cool tool! If you have a account, which I do, you can generate an image with the covers of the music you listen to: Wallpaper Generator. It’s out of date since I don’t have turned on these days, but it’s not a bad representation. found via the excellent Kill Ugly Radio
  • I’m proud of my regularity. SWIMMING regularity.
    At 7am this morning at the pool in Camarillo the kid (okay, he’s probably like 18 or 19, but I’ve taken to thinking of anyone I estimate is 30 years or less as a kid) at the desk recommends the frequent pass. I pay $3 a pop to swim there, and with this pass I…
  • Soy Cowboy: Lily Pads & Rock Cod
    After high school, it became something of a fetish of mine to travel from San Diego to Los Angeles and do various sightseeing. One of the things I (and my friend Chris) used to hit was the Art Center College of Design gallery. For us, Art Center was the pinnacle of cool, of talent, of…