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Late Night2008Jun04

Leah did leave last night for Colombia. I’m glad we said our goodbyes yesterday morning rather than having dinner at LAX, since it didn’t work out to connect before her 9pm flight.

But I did work a little late last night. Nice night, but chilly. I think I needed a sweater last night.

I tried to hit the newsstand in Hollywood last night, but once again it’s far too busy, so I went home. I’m thinking maybe I’ll try and hit it sometime in the middle of the night or good and early in the morning sometime.

Earache still present, maybe milder, but still present. Still irrigating.

She’s arrived safely as of 5:30am today, and napping now. I’m sure she’ll have a great time. This morning I did some dishes and need to put out some donations for ARC before 8am. I’m looking forward to getting some garage space back.

Here are two photos I took last night. They’re sort of evocative, if not in focus.

Leaving late
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