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  • Donald has a Brewski

    And engages in wacky shenanigans, no doubt: via Cover Browser‘s Daily Cover Feed.

  • Re-Make/Re-Model

    I’ve been doing some cultural re-evaluations here in the past few days. Among them is Roxy Music, a set of 1970s records I acquired includes their first, Roxy Music, from 1972. The first track, Re-Make/Re-Model absolutely blew me away with its audacity, and I actually felt some shame over having been a Roxy fan for…

  • Unfit for Publication

    Lots of news about this jerk Jerome Corsi’s book these days. The rebuttal makes it clear that the book is idiotic. Excellent transparency, and fast response from the Obama campaign. Get the PDF of Unfit for Publication via this page on Time Magazine’s site.