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  • Understanding Sarah Palin

    Like many people, I was perplexed Sarah Palin when John McCain chose her as his running mate. I am not impressed by her thoughts on policy issues. She can’t cite a newspaper or a magazine she’s ever read. She can’t name a Supreme Court decision. And yet, she didn’t do that bad in her debate…

  • Lyrics of the Day (Yesterday): Burning Airlines Give You So Much More

    from Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) Burning Airlines Give You So Much More When I got back home I found a message on the door Sweet Regina’s gone to China crosslegged on the floor Of a burning jet that’s smoothly flying: Burning airlines give you so much more. How does she intend to live when…

  • Walt Disney; What’s My Line

    Love this episode of What’s My Line: Our houseguests and Leah and I went to Disneyland several weeks ago on the dime of one of Leah’s blogger things, and I was impressed. I was not feeling that great, but I was stunned by how well the fun machine of Disney’s making works.


    Genius from The Weasel King. References They Live.