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  • Redesigning in the open, Design Iterations, and Designing in the open is a remarkable post by Mark Boulton about the process of redesigning a website–in this case–with radical transparency. This is incredible and groundbreaking work, applying the modes of open source to design. Surprising that it has not devolved into design-by-committee.

  • Handicraft Guide to Cartooning for Armed Forces Personnel

    What a great find from the ASIFA Hollywood Animation Archive. In 16 pages, it communicates a lot; though, the section on “racial symbols” makes me uncomfortable.

  • War of the Worlds 2.0

    On Halloween I participated in a wonderful, strange experiment called War of the Worlds 2.0 on twitter. Here’s the story of how it came to be, from Kris Kowal. My entries can be found by doing a search on “wotw2 from:artlung”. I’ve always been a fan of the idea of Orson Welles hacking the…