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  • Looking at the financial mess as the end of the excesses of the 1980s
    Michael Lewis’ story The End is an engaging, enraging read. It posits that the recent crash of Wall Street financial firms is the end of what he had seen working as a trader in the 1980s. He documented his experiences in the book Liar’s Poker. This followup is a must-read. Some excerpts: Now, obviously, Meredith…
  • Predicting the meltdown
    Peter Schiff ends up prophetic, while everyone on the shows in this video treats him as a Cassandra. via Open Culture and Paul Kedrosky.
  • LDS and Proposition 8
    Some various responses to Proposition 8 of note. I’m sad at the rhetoric, I was sad about the proposition, and I feel The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have done themselves a disservice in this matter. Mormons Resigning Despite Strong Heritage, Citing ‘Hatred’ by LDS Church Mormons Stole Our Rights danah boyd has…