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ArtLung: I am Joe Crawford. Welcome to my website circa July 2008. I am a web developer. I live in Moorpark, California, USA. I work in Los Angeles, and have lived elsewhere and done many surprising things. I put up the first ArtLung website 12 years ago, moved it to artlung.com 10 years ago, nd I've been blogging for 7 years. I'm still learning, every day. Welcome.

May 2009 Eight posts

Revealed: God, Pop Songs

White Man by The Michael Gungor Band

via alliefab

Four Chords by Axis of Awesome [note: some salty language]

via kill ugly radio

Watch Jerk, then watch Chank

I prefer Chank.

ACID vs. Key-Value Object Stores

Drop ACID and think about data by Bob Ippolito of Mochi Media, Inc. from PyCon 2009.

The Video:

The Slides:

CAP Theorem
BigTable by Google
Dynamo by Amazon
Cassandra, an Apache Incubator Project, formerly of Facebook
Python dict
Immutable vs mutable (computer science)
Tokyo Cabinet
Tokyo Tyrant
Document database
Column databases
Vertica (commercial, MochiAds uses this)
Bitmap Index
BBC: byte-aligned bitmap compression
WAC: word-aligned hybrid code
Bloom filter

Sharing; this one time…

In keeping with the “all I’m going to do is post videos indefinitely” theme that seems to be occuring, here are two of my favorites, they’re really phenomenal, which were posted on Cartoon Brew:

Whitney Brothers; Processing, Jbum

At BarCampLA, Jim Bumgardner was inspirational for many things. One small thing was for pointing out these two films:

“Lapis,” a short film by James Whitney:

“Catalog,” a short film by John Whitney, 1961

Over on Coverpop, Bumgardner shows off work inspired by John Whitney: Whitney Music Box which is beautiful and hypnotic and surprisingly musical. Mathematics and music indeed!

Inspired by this and Jim’s work, I downloaded Processing for the first time and began playing based on some of the examples on his Processing page.

I had a real good time at BarCampLA-7.

My President speaks at Arizona State University

I like this guy.


The Day I Met Ze Frank

Ze Frank and me at BarCampLA7

I’m at BarCamp


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