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It’s Readers That Matter 2009 Oct 20

From Exclusive Interview With Ashok Banker!

Where can we find more info about you and your work?

From me directly. I follow a one-on-one approach to marketing. That means I wait for a reader or prospective reader to contact me, whether through Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, my blog, etc, and then I interact directly. It’s not unlike what we’ve done here in this interview – multiplied several thousands of times a year. I’ve structured my life in such a way that I give my time and energy first to writing and my family, then to interacting with readers one-on-one. I don’t do signings, readings, launches, conventions, etc. I do very few media interviews, and then only in some years. But I am accessible 24/7 to readers. I share everything I write WHILE I’m writing it with readers, and let them comment, suggest, edit, etc. You can see hundreds of them acknowledged in the Acknowledgments section of all my books – instead of the usual agents, editors and other crap that most authors fill the front of their books with. I write lengthy introductions to my books in which I spell out my political and personal agenda in the work they’re about to read – I intrude and involve myself completely with my readers. And they love it. And I love it. And my sales have increased steadily with every passing year, as has my income and the popularity of the books themselves. And what else matters?

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I found out about this interview via Nick Mamatas

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