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Chatroulette: Merton, Ben Folds 2010 Mar 22

The wonder serendipity that was part of the net I remember now gets YouTubed and shared back with the world.

I wrote about Chatroulette last month, here’s some wonderful video that is internet + piano + video + flash-enabled randomized connected chat. It’s a wonderful selection.

Note: there are swear words.

I still like Ben Folds. His interview on The Sound of Young America was quite good. The earliest mention of him I can find of him here on the blog is 2002.

I still have not hat the gumption / guts / foolhardiness to actually try Chatroulette though. But I look forward to more interesting improvisation and performance to come out of it. Artistic agenda + random audience = interesting YouTube. Well, or a trainwreck or offensiveness of the worst kind.

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