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Self Portraits 86 / 91 2011 Jan 28

The first self-portrait was executed in high school. I didn’t like high school. My appearance is anxious, as I no doubt was. The medium is marker on paper, and I watercolored on top of a photocopy of that marker drawing. It’s the first self portrait I ever made I was really happy with. It’s from 1986.

As the “Lung” portion of www.artlung.com indicates, I was once in medicine. This line drawing is from that era. I added color to the original drawing in 1999, using Photoshop. My appearance is serious, and maybe a bit weary. This is what I wore clinicals – a white lab coat. Clinicals take place in the hospital, actually carrying out health care tasks. It’s from 1991, and yes, I really did have a mustache like that. It is not a choice I would make again.

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