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Prom Program, 1987 2011 Jan 29

For my High School Prom, I was asked to do the program. It was quite an honor. What I wanted to do was have a kiss featured. Here’s a sketch of what I presented:

I used to consider it censorship, but I suppose that was my first big run-in with design and audience considerations. This was for the University of San Diego High School, and all-in-all I do feel honored to have been chosen to design the program.

What’s ironic is that one of the main things I think about from High School with regards to drawing is that in my Freshmen drawing class, the teacher, on the first day, told me I was holding my pencil wrong and I subsequently never listened to a single thing she said.

I can be a stubborn jerk.

Update: I didn’t realize I had mentioned the pencil thing before: Lil’ Johnny Crivello, 1983.

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Among many other good things, ‘striking composition’ comes to mind.

(Tough beans, girlie!)

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