this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • 1980s Punk
    Prior punks: tan punk, post-punk, cyberpunk, leather jacket girl punk.
  • Brush Pen Doodles, 1988
    And here is more notebook detritus from my spotty post-High School academic career. From the evidence this was from my Philosophy class at Mesa College.
  • Cigarette Man, 1985
    Another back of a notebook, like this one previously. I’m so glad my Mom saved these old papers.
  • The Tan Punk, 1985
    High School. Loved to draw. Back of a notebook. Anger is an energy! I remember the marker – it was one of those intensely smelly Japanese markers. It was short and oh-so inky.
  • Vertical Capital Letters
    After High School, I flailed. Which is to say I took classes at Mesa College without much of a focus. I enjoyed these classes. Drawing, History of Film, Psychology, Design, Architectural Drafting, Philosophy, Marketing, Broadcasting, Broadcast Studio Operations. This was in 1987-1988 — before we moved to Roanoke Virginia and I shifted my focus to…