this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.

  • Leah’s Messenger/Laptop Bags
    Leahpeah has been making some really, really wonderful items in her etsy store.

  • Redman
    Made with the Brushes app for Mom’s iPod Touch. It is rather small and awkward to work on, but I’m starting to get a sense of how to use it creatively. Update: I’ve added the Brushes video export to the New City blog: making of. It’s really fun to see the strokes.

  • Notebook Cover, 1984
    More messy doodles from High School. I like some of the ink work here, as spot illustrations I really like them. I wonder, is anyone reading this?

  • Professor Pidgeon
    Patrick Pidgeon was my Philosophy Professor at San Diego Mesa College in 1987. It was a great class and still ranks among my favorite in-class learning experiences. Pidgeon had a way of dissecting philosophical material, and especially language in a way that was challenging and engaging. It was such a good experience for me that…

  • Filtering a Podcast Feed with Yahoo Pipes
    I like podcasts quite a bit, and one of my favorites for many many years (at least since 2004) has been IT Conversations. If I loved all their stuff, all I have to do it load up iTunes and subscribe. If I’m old school I can get the RSS feed link and do Advanced ->…