this is the website of joe crawford. code. occasional comics. toy robots. san diego.
  • First Model in Decades.
    First model I’ve made in decades. ツーフユリー FB.11 That’s a Hawker Sea Fury there, from a kit I got at a local Japanese store. Impulse buy. I bought the Testor’s glue and everything. Sadly, the glass for canopy got lost. I’ve been thinking I want to improvise a glass canopy. I loved making models when…
  • Snowy West Point
    Sometimes it snows at West Point. This photo was taken at a Football game in October, 2011. The cadets go to the games and sit and cheer in weather like this. That’s crazy and kind of awesome. But mostly crazy.
  • Eno
    Brian Eno (from film for Roxy Music’s Re/Make Re/Model) This song is from 1972 and sounds new to me, perennially. Mostly because of Eno but the whole band together makes it work. I’ve written about this song before, in 1998’s Re-Make/Re-Model.