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Smorgasborg, not Smorgasbord 2012 Jan 29

I spent some time reworking a page I’ve had hidden, or at least deemphasized for about 5 years.

The page is the one I named Smorgasborg in 1988. It has been my “entertaining, silly and educational junk drawer” ever since then.

I remember a time when things on the web seemed to have shorter lives, and some of what’s there are things that I thought were cool and I felt should have permanent homes.

Some of it is stuff I made but I didn’t have a rational place to put. A macaroni salad recipe, for example does not belong in a resume or portfolio.

So I invite you, now, to visit the smorgasborg. New items include the Roman Numerals 0 to MMMMMMMMMM and IT OKAY, DON’T BE CRY.

Like I said: silly.

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