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January 2013 One post


Over a year ago I was coaxed into drawing again after a very very long time of not drawing or hardly drawing at all. It’s been silkscreened on a shirt now. The audience is small, but that doesn’t matter as much as the fact that my work has made some people happy, and that’s rad.

I’m very pleased to have returned to drawing as a habit. It’s important to me and my health — mental and physical.

And so I want to thank everyone who has encouraged, supported and inspired me, particularly on tumblr. If you draw or sketch or watercolor or digital paint or whatever; and I’ve liked or reblogged your work on tumblr, you’ve inspired me.

Encouragement has come from all over — comments, likes, reblogs, email, in person. I feel very lucky to be so encouraged. I hope everybody out there gets to feel as encouraged as I’ve felt.



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