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I had a shake… 2013 Oct 18

My good, good friend Chris reminded me in email today of the incident in about 1986 or 87 where we had gotten E-Z-OUT burger and were parked in the Clairemont DMV parking lot. It was late at night, I’m not sure how late. But SDPD came by and basically detained us… Chris’s memory is: (Officer: “What you boys been drinkin’ tonight? Joe: “Well, he had a Diet Coke, and I had a shake…”) … which was exactly right at the time. Probably a boysenberry shake too. I believe that incident also was when the cop shined a flashlight in my eyes and asked “then why are your pupils so dilated? I said I didn’t know but Chris helpfully chimed in “yeah, your pupils really are dilated right now!”
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