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2015 Jul 22

From Web Design: The First 100 Years by Maciej Cegłowski:

Tech culture is like a deadbeat who lives on your basement sofa. You ask him:

“When are you going to do all those things you promised?”

“Oh, wait until everyone has a computer.”

“They do.”

“Okay, I mean wait until they’re all online. ”
“They are. Why isn’t the world better?”

“Well, wait until they all have smartphones… and wearable devices,” and the excuses continue.

The real answer is, technology hasn’t changed the world because we haven’t cared enough to change it.

(((To be honest, I gasped at that last line I quoted, sobbed really. We need more human caring and less techno-determinism. It’s hard work to change the world. Get on it.)))

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