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Friday 01 Jan 2016
Archer eating pizza and being expressive is everything.
Javie is sleeping in the New Year
My amazing sister showing Fletcher his reflection yesterday. Trip almost done. Sigh.
craft store adventures with mama
I asked Jayden about the Niners & he shared that he played T-ball and got a trophy then he went and got it. Super good boy! Jayden looks on. So happy to get to visit with @sallyalexis & Jorge
My cousins the Camarillo beauties! What a wonderful trip this has been.
Saturday 02 Jan 2016
Entertaining Fletcher yesterday morning
I miss them already.
Strong probability we spend the night in Philadelphia. Let’s see.
Sunday 03 Jan 2016
Fletcher yesterday with Aunt Leah! Still amazed we made it home yesterday. Thankful for a great trip and my great partner.
Monday 04 Jan 2016
Fare thee well, Santa, it was a great holiday. This is new from my Aunt Jeannine.
Home Depot Cat is camera shy and gives affection only as needed.
Tuesday 05 Jan 2016
Pen container upgrade! From peach can to fancy thing
Wednesday 06 Jan 2016
Sir Thomas Hat & NO DOGS 9AM-6PM. From a few days ago.
Thursday 07 Jan 2016
New Bot Thursday! It’s Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba who I learned about from Godson Archer. Let’s go to work!
My favorite Christmas gift was from Leah. This sign. ❤️
Sunshower @ Work is pretty
arcs, rancho bernardo
Saturday 09 Jan 2016
futzing with ink
Wednesday 13 Jan 2016
Now playing: “The Jean Genie.” Plus well worn LP Hunky Dory. #slackerradio
Thursday 14 Jan 2016
SEP 68: mom & dad before they were mom and dad, driving a vw bug cross county, stopping everywhere.
Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand #slackerradio #thebeatles
Friday 15 Jan 2016
Roger Corman Presents: The Chicago Dog That Ate Cleveland!
Crawford/Eddy Family Dinners are Dog City. This is 3 of them.
Monday 18 Jan 2016
Carmel Mountain Branch Library #YarnBomb. Late getting out here but really cool.
Tuesday 19 Jan 2016
Stairs bravery from this morning.
Friday 22 Jan 2016
Jojo found me and my lap. This meeting bores her.
Saturday 23 Jan 2016
Captain BB-8 by local artist Mark Kessler. Lovely sculpture showing at Villanous Lair!
Posting this Aliens toy in honor of the midnight movie at the Ken tonight.
Sunday 24 Jan 2016
I consider buying Mazinger Z & Great Mazinger every time I see these but they’re not my style. From yesterday.
Village Theater in Coronado is a class act. “Let’s all go to the lah-bee!” Saw Carol. Lovely and delicate.
Tuesday 26 Jan 2016
it me
Wednesday 27 Jan 2016
Great performance by @theyoungwild this afternoon @slackerradio 🎸
From this morning.
Thursday 28 Jan 2016
San Diego is number 10 in the US for avocado consumption. Lunchtime.
Downtown for Proops. I’ll be 46 this year still unclear how to dress.
Friday 29 Jan 2016
Seattle bound in the morning. See you in a week bots!
Saturday 30 Jan 2016
I got an earlier start than I really wanted. Seattle-bound.
Then I met Josie in Monroe WA.
Sunday 31 Jan 2016
When Josie comes home.
Puget Sound starts here.
Monroe vignettes.
Monroe vignettes, Part 2.
Tuesday 02 Feb 2016
“Far over the misty mountains cold…”
Colbie is circumspect.
Wednesday 03 Feb 2016
Stellar moss game.
Saturday 06 Feb 2016
Outside cat hurriedly says bye
Football meatloaf is fun.
San Diego, 2016. #BladeRunner
Sunday 07 Feb 2016
SDFD, on the case. Yesterday.
Monday 08 Feb 2016
New Bot Monday! Planet Robo Danguard Ace (惑星ロボ ダンガードA (エース) who I met in 1978 in the Philippines and became a Shogun Warrior in the US when I got home. Great design.
Thursday 11 Feb 2016
Data joins the bots! One of the most asked-about absences from my collection has been added. #StarTrek
Saturday 13 Feb 2016
I didn’t mention I donated packed cells the other day and it was very high tech.
Dave. From a week ago. Quite a nice fellow indeed.
Alison & Rick & quail eggs. From last week.
Sunday 14 Feb 2016
Happy Valentine’s & Anna Howard Shaw Day to my Partner❤️Leah!
Monday 15 Feb 2016
REMEMBER, these come from TREES
Sunny Manhattan. Beach.
Wednesday 17 Feb 2016
Time to go to work. #bb8
Buddies! New Bot Wednesday includes BB-8 meeting Artoo.
Thursday 18 Feb 2016
It’s Patsy! Plus some other comix.
Saturday 20 Feb 2016
Only David has this much fun with a plastic cup at 7 in the morning.
Photobombing Mayor McCheese.
Monday 22 Feb 2016
Enforcement Droid 209 comes from RoboCop (1987). ED-209 is incompetently designed and hilariously deadly. New Bot Monday has never been scarier.
Tuesday 01 Mar 2016
B-9 Class M-3 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot joins other 50s & 60s style bots for New Bot Tuesday!
Wednesday 02 Mar 2016
Whiteboard heaven #slackerradio
Friendly face from Saturday.
Friday 04 Mar 2016
Bad Guy Day with Bots: ED-209, King Joe, Terminator, Imperializer & chibi Mechagodzilla!
Saturday 05 Mar 2016
Wild Saturday night!
Monday 07 Mar 2016
Miramar, earlier.
Thursday 10 Mar 2016
Me, WALL-E & Doreamon wish Diana a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Friday 11 Mar 2016
New #dogsofslacker entrant! Welcome Eddie!
Saturday 12 Mar 2016
David & Animals picture/texture book.
Monday 14 Mar 2016
Well played, Sprouts. $3.14 pies for Pi day.
Tuesday 15 Mar 2016
No thank you.
Wednesday 16 Mar 2016
Even from inside a doctor’s office San Diego can’t hide how beautiful it is.
Thursday 17 Mar 2016
Eddie in the Ecom scrum! #dogsofslacker
Friday 18 Mar 2016
Today’s Top 9 Bots. Next time I see them I’ll be 46.
Second String Bots of the Week
Saturday 19 Mar 2016
Açai brunch…
Sunday 20 Mar 2016
Yesterday was tops. Tomorrow’s even better. 46 here I am.
The Aquaman collection at Comics Toons n‘ Toys is lovely. Not for sale.
Wednesday 23 Mar 2016
Thursday 24 Mar 2016
Love the yarn bombing on display outside the Rancho Penasquitos Public Library
The world needs more yarn bombing than is available.
Friday 25 Mar 2016
Here’s to cuties.
This book mysteriously time-travelled from 1983 to the Ecom office of where I work.
Change with NO Expectations #cmsandiego
Saturday 26 Mar 2016
Brief stop at Simply Kids Anime yesterday yielded no robots but I got to see plush superdeformed pink Bats.
Petting the wolf in Far Cry Primal is fun right David?
Blast From The Past in Burbank sure has some fun stuff for the middle-aged toy nerd. I walked out with the fellow on the left: Getter Liger. A late birthday gift to myself and quite nice. I already have an Iron Giant and for the price that little Cylon didn’t bowl me over. Such nice things!
Also not purchased but quite nice: A Fembot from Austin Powers & Bishop from Aliens.
Monday 28 Mar 2016
Birthday mug. Birthday robot. Getter Liger acquired this weekend.
Tuesday 29 Mar 2016
Getter Liger & the other Getter Bots all have great machinder designs but I have a hard time keeping their names straight.
Wednesday 30 Mar 2016
Light outside the condo in the morning can be glorious.
Saturday 02 Apr 2016
Dad & Leah. Talking cars.
Sunday 03 Apr 2016
The longer hair is growing on me.
Tuesday 05 Apr 2016
Spring iceplant
The other night at a family thing we watched some old videos. Particularly enjoyed my cousin Michael & his pop Lee.
Wednesday 06 Apr 2016
Commander Crawford, Ship’s Doctor for of USS New Orleans ’84-’85. Just another of his many adventures.
From the Engine Room #ussmidway
The reason I carry a white pen, apparently.
Friday 08 Apr 2016
Career Day. @cchsdons let’s see how this goes.
Now here’s a good omen: I was driving down Mira Mesa Blvd and caught this little robot out of the corner of my eye. Love it!
Saturday 09 Apr 2016
Beverages with attached vegetables are the best move this morning.
Seeing Jennifer Simpson in her native habitat organizing creative folks and being witty last night at Dime Stories was a real treat.
Sunday 10 Apr 2016
From Easter. David: incredibly chill with this furry situation.
Ex-cat throwback photo.
Monday 11 Apr 2016
Street paving is impressive. Two old guys were just watching. 3 if you count me.
Tuesday 12 Apr 2016
Skeumorphism has limits. Color is a backup.
Thursday 14 Apr 2016
“PLEASE!! NO” scared woodwork at Von’s. From the other day.
The most pinkest time of the year.
Saturday 16 Apr 2016
Bread & Cie are not playing around.
SPACE BATTLE SPACE ROBOT was too tall for the collection, regrettably. Pretty good for a drugstore robot though. I believe I’ve made it clear I’m always low key robot hunting. Thankfully the rules for collecting are strict and I’m picky.
What I saw at Record Store Day. Folk Arts Records is great. If only I had a record player.
Monday 18 Apr 2016
Tuesday 19 Apr 2016
Still room for more stickers
Wednesday 20 Apr 2016
My Dad eating proper tortilla chips and talking with erudition and humor. Favorite. From a few weeks ago.
Thursday 21 Apr 2016
Pirates skunking Padres 11 to 0. Dismal but a lovely night for a ballgame.
Saturday 23 Apr 2016
Grand Master Bear
Tuesday 26 Apr 2016
w/Bella @ 4.5hrs old
Wednesday 27 Apr 2016
David tests out the amazing busy book Leah made
facetime with Mama & new baby sister
Thursday 28 Apr 2016
Sharing my earbud for a few minutes to satisfy David’s curiosity. ?uestlove on Fresh Air.
Friday 29 Apr 2016
bienvenidos bienvenue welcome
Saturday 30 Apr 2016
Babybella age four days.
I bought a wallet with Carrie Kelley Robin & out-of-retirement Batman on it because of my adulthood.
Sunday 01 May 2016
Yesterday. Holding sleeping Isabella. Infant people are amazing.
Simpler than you think.
North Hollywood Cat.
Monday 02 May 2016
Emerald Knights in Burbank turned out perfect to satisfy my Batman needs Saturday.
Tuesday 03 May 2016
The Big Guy & Rusty are my jam. This week.
Wednesday 04 May 2016
Late Star Wars Day post…
Thursday 05 May 2016
#handpainted #faded #typography #sandiego
Friday 06 May 2016
For our human and canine friends (this is on a multi-species water fountain)
Saturday 07 May 2016
power & light
Sunday 08 May 2016
Me and Mom.
Monday 09 May 2016
Mother’s Day.
Wednesday 11 May 2016
Bunnies hang out in the YMCA parking lot before dawn!
To Downtown. #trolley #sandiegotrolley
Friday 13 May 2016
JACQUÉ = HEIDI 96 + DREW (the mathematics of what, exactly?)
Saturday 14 May 2016
Sleeeeeepy Bella
Just because I’m not taking him home doesn’t mean I don’t love him. Farewell little plush robot.
Scarcely a visit to Little Tokyo without a bot photo. Astro Boy is sold out.
Sunday 15 May 2016
Long time no jetty.
Monday 16 May 2016
Alto voltaje
I think it’s gonna be a good week ’cause I met PITA on my walkthing.
Tuesday 17 May 2016
Morning bun.
New Bot Day! Raideen (勇者ライディーン) hails from 1975 Japanese tv. Like many of my bots I first encountered him in the Philippines. When I saw the Shogun Warriors back in the States I was happy they brought him over but mystified why they changed the spelling of his name to Raydeen. I picked up this superdeformed rendering of him at Q Pop Shop @qpopshop in Little Tokyo. #Raideen
Wednesday 18 May 2016
ANNA + CEDRO + PERRO (from the other day’s walkthing)
New Bot Wednesday! Another Q Pop acquisition. This is Mad Baron! He was designed by Zollmen and hails from Japan. Vinyl Artist Gacha series 3.
Thursday 19 May 2016
Dishwasher Pond, from yesterday evening’s hike with Susan
Art supply gift card redemption time.
Saturday 21 May 2016
I <3 U
Sometimes eating a French fry is pretty fun
Acquired at Planet Books in Long Beach. Don’t know the name or the age but I sure like this bot.
I fully approve of coffeehouses showing Casablanca. (from earlier)
Sunday 22 May 2016
Dawn under the trolley
Good Morning San Diego
LOOPT•LOO \\\ San Diego River
Monday 23 May 2016
It’s another big week for bots! This is “ZnDc Missler” made in the 1970s by Yonezawa.
Tuesday 24 May 2016
Snail Crossing 🐌🐌
Tomorrow’s bot will exceed all cuteness expectations. #Mecha #Jaeger
Wednesday 25 May 2016
HELLO KITTY CHOGOKIN (look it up) — New Bot Wednesday features ハロー・キティdriving a giant robot of herself. The paws really shoot!
Thursday 26 May 2016
Current Bot Cuteness Corner
Saturday 28 May 2016
Bloody Mary “Man Candy” bacon-style.
Sunday 29 May 2016
At least the pool is open while they’re rebuilding these concrete fences.
Tuesday 31 May 2016
Stopped into @super7sandiego — super awesome shop but did not buy today. But I’ll be back! Any store with Jumbo Machinder is okay by me!
I was not sullen but look sullen in this. I took a day to walk all over. This was along the SD River. Helped an older, lost couple with directions. My Spanish was terrible. I wrote out directions with my phone & Google’s help. People lost around San Diego have been picking me out of a crowd as potentially helpful for a long time. I bet they got where they were going but I will never know. Lastly, unlike C3PO I don’t ever say “No more adventures.”
4½ miles from home to Dog Beach.
Wednesday 01 Jun 2016
I feel like I can’t go wrong with pix of bunnies living along the San Diego River. From yesterday.
Friday 03 Jun 2016
From last week, the space-age-circa-1970 Geisel Library. Even though I stupidly got a $65 parking ticket I love being on that campus.
Saturday 04 Jun 2016
Libraries with Makerbot 3-D Digitizers are 21st Century Libraries.
It only took 90 tries to get like 8 or so usable photos.
Tuesday 07 Jun 2016
Polling Place. I love California.
Glowy Selfy
Wednesday 08 Jun 2016
GINGER 7/27 – 12/29 1996
Joe and the camera-shy crayfish.
Thursday 09 Jun 2016
Tuna Crab, out in the surf, another from yesterday.
Friday 10 Jun 2016
punk rack
Monday 13 Jun 2016
New Bot Monday! Venus A [ビューナスA] is from the Mazinger universe circa 1975-ish. She’s a giant robot driven by biracial (Japanese/African-American) heroine Jun Hono. She drives the Venus Scrander that flies into the back of her head. Her hands-on-hips pose exemplifies her power!
Tuesday 14 Jun 2016
Laundry last night.
Thursday 16 Jun 2016
Edward! #dogsofslacker
Friday 17 Jun 2016
Home Base
River Crossing
Little Creatures to Some Girls
Another one from early this morning. Trolley at sunrise.
Monday 20 Jun 2016
Puppy book, D & Grandma.
As best as I can recall its been 17 years since I went in the ocean at Manhattan Beach. California Über Alles.
Bodysurfed. 33rd St.
Tuesday 21 Jun 2016
Prep for July.
Wednesday 22 Jun 2016
Building the beard.
Thursday 23 Jun 2016
SEND HELP #slackerradio
Throw your hands in the air, if youse a true player #bots
Saturday 25 Jun 2016
This young woman (physician? nurse?) with the defibrillator paddles is the USA.
D & L
Tuesday 28 Jun 2016
Dad sent this to me and I immediately had to post it.
Wednesday 29 Jun 2016
Friday 01 Jul 2016
Saturday 02 Jul 2016
Saved all my money for one of these in 1982 or so. Foolhardy purchase was disapproved of by my Grandfather. It was a great toy.
Wookie, she’s a cutie and is 10 years young. She belongs to Sam & Lori.
Sunday 03 Jul 2016
In Arizona, flowers.
Willow Lake scenes this morning.
Willow Lake, landscapes of a little of the “Granite Dells.” ~88° and sunny.
Monday 04 Jul 2016
Siblings on the 4th. Clearly related.
Wookie, elongated. It’s been a lovely visit to Arizona.
Thursday 07 Jul 2016
Ink practice continues on the bus
Friday 08 Jul 2016
Stairway (to the library)
Saturday 09 Jul 2016
Ready for some Gilbert & Sullivan
Sunday 10 Jul 2016
Yesterday Susan took Doug, Leah, and I to Lux Art Institute. We got to meet the artist in residence Angela Kallus. Her work is extraordinary: evocative, seemingly simple, evocative. I could not help but snap a photo. Her work must be seen in person to be fully appreciated I think.
Prior to the excellent “Hail Poetry! The Magic and Madness of Gilbert & Sullivan,” Eli Villanueva of Opera A La Carte spoke a bit. It was a terrific show. Wonderful primer on G&S. And Soka U was a great place to see a show.
Monday 11 Jul 2016
Planning meeting overlooks Customer Support? Gotta sketch Charles.
Wednesday 13 Jul 2016
Bus ink sketching / evening edition
Friday 15 Jul 2016
🌈PHŌ 5🌈 @ Phō on 5th in Hillcrest
Tuesday 19 Jul 2016
Beards hide chins but highlight age. I’m not a fan. I do it for the cosplay.
Wednesday 20 Jul 2016
Ready. Preview Night. #sdcc
No ones gonna save you from the beast with forty eyes! #sdcc #michaeljackson
TRIPLE ROBOT SELFIES! #sdcc is a big win so far.
Thursday 21 Jul 2016
”No Donny, these men are nihilists, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” #sdcc #lebowski #waltersobchak
Los Bros Hernandez. The first time I went to Con (1983) they were upstarts, now elder statesmen. #losbroshernandez #sdcc
The Diva is so beautiful! #thefifthelement #sdcc
Major question of the weekend is whether I’m going to buy the Black Power Droid (Gonk!) and/or The Beastie Droids from DKE Toys. Handmade, funny… #sdcc
Friday 22 Jul 2016
Q in the house. Humanity will pay for its crimes Jean-Luc! #SDCC #startrek #qcontinuum
Selfie and remember impromptu that I added eye makeup to look sullen and omnipotent. Maybe I’m just tired? NAH. #SDCC
Saturday 23 Jul 2016
Gideon Graves! The head of the League of Evil Exes! I WILL DEFEAT SCOTT PILGRIM! #sdcc
This here is one of the many reasons I love the Con. #sdcc
I’m not a Voltron fan but I appreciate a good robot. #SDCC
In the overflow for Masquerade, this is costume “Banemax” mashing up, well, it’s obvious. #SDCC #bane #baymax Inspired.
Sunday 24 Jul 2016
Currently have a cat on my lap so sometime in my youth and childhood I must’ve done something good.
From my hang earlier @ Cat Cafe. Gotta go there with Leah.
Keith Knight is giving a great presentation on race and the current moment. Look up his comics; I’d slept on his work before but he’s great. Sold out of his “TRUMP: Yes We Klan” bumper stickers on day 1. #keithknight #sdcc
Monday 25 Jul 2016
“How am I not myself?” — I❤️HUCKABEES
Wednesday 27 Jul 2016
Harry & Me
Friday 29 Jul 2016
I’ve been drawing like, a lot, on the bus. Mechanical pencil with non-repro blue lead is new secret weapon.
This woman.
Saturday 30 Jul 2016
Ladies, throwback edition.
Sunday 31 Jul 2016
1990, Erin & Tracy.
Tuesday 02 Aug 2016
Wonder Woman vs Darth Vader because of course, work in progress.
Thursday 04 Aug 2016
Playing the excellent “Summer” here at @slackerradio is the super excellent @cassadeepope
Friday 05 Aug 2016
Our head of IT made a Lego Batman mask for his son and yesterday I got to try it out.
Saturday 06 Aug 2016
A little bit of my art used in a video
Flowers Hello Summer Flowers
Saturday Night Adventures
Sunday 07 Aug 2016
8 of David from my camera roll.
Tuesday 09 Aug 2016
Miss J is ready to be let back in. Please.
Wednesday 10 Aug 2016
Fletcher, in the morning.
Of course I miss working with my bots. Luckily there’s a robot or two belonging to my nephews here.
Thursday 11 Aug 2016
Phyllis Crawford, 1971. My mom.
Dad & me.
Cousins. On Archer’s Birthday.
Friday 12 Aug 2016
Fletcher & me.
Pop-Pop showing family photos to Fletcher <3
Saturday 13 Aug 2016
Vanida, Kel, newly baptized Fletcher.
Godmother Vanida & Fletcher James.
Fletcher! Plus Vanida & me.
Sunday 14 Aug 2016
Made it to North Carolina just in time to jump in the Atlantic and hastily snap mediocre pix of awesome people.
Monday 15 Aug 2016
Legos wake up
At sunset thousands of minnows breaching and beaching. Half expected to see what preys on them too.
Tuesday 16 Aug 2016
Can’t decide which pic of Joanie is best… all 3?
Vacating joyfully.
Wednesday 17 Aug 2016
Nephew is a generous contortionist.
Thursday 18 Aug 2016
Summer in NC
Friday 19 Aug 2016
Pop Pop and Fletcher playing with limes.
Joanie bodysurfing 🌊🏊🏻
Neen & Kel!
Leah, Fletcher
Saturday 20 Aug 2016
Fletcher through the kaleidoscope
Gosh the art accompanying this Ghostbusters sports car looks familiar eh @whitaker.becca ?
I already miss you Dad. <3
Sunday 21 Aug 2016
Javie slept in the bed with us last night. Here she is saying goodbye. Farewell Falls Church!
Monday 22 Aug 2016
Any trip I take may contain robot shopping. It seemed like our Virginia/Outer Banks trip would be an exception until on a whim I took us to the Virginia Beach Antique Mall where “The Toymeister” has a huge toys and collectibles section upstairs. Many robots and other toys, well curated, well cared for. Star Wars, vintage, TMNT, sports, action figures, dolls, Marvel, DC, it’s an impressive store well worth a visit.
Quote of the Day
Tuesday 23 Aug 2016
New Bot Tuesday! Gort made his debut in 1951 in the classic film The Day The Earth Stood Still. Pictured with fellow 1950s-era robots. Klaatu barada nikto!
Wednesday 24 Aug 2016
I’m pretty sure this is what happens when my Dad wants to try out “drinking from a glass” early on my adorable infant Sister.
Just talkin’ bout Mechagodzilla, Hello Kitty, BB-8, wind-up toys, and robot collecting with Summer.
Thursday 25 Aug 2016
Patriotic fireplug
Friday 26 Aug 2016
Jeff Stone and me. He was my absolute best friend in Alhambra. This is 1977. We both moved away and he is completely untraceable due to a common name. Great memories.
Sunday 28 Aug 2016
Springfield Punx has a lovely rendition of Eleven from Stranger Things
From tumblr: This image has been removed at the copyright holder’s request.
Monday 29 Aug 2016
Exhortation of the day in the @slackerradio offices (also a great station)
Oh look I’m posting and old
Wednesday 31 Aug 2016
SHRIPP! Adam Warren on sound effects in comics
Halloween. The past. Me with Gene Simmons makeup, a cape & white flat cap (?) and my little sister as the cutest Wonder Woman ever.
EMILY LOVES NO-EXPRESSION JOE. I think. #notMe #sandiego #sidewalkart
Friday 02 Sep 2016
6 Months to another March MODOK Madness.
Skadi ended back in May
Swag time. #slackerradio
Raph Koster: Augmented Reality is an MMO
Shannon, Nanie & Me at the Skyline house of course. Early 1970s of course.
Saturday 03 Sep 2016
Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel
Tuesday 06 Sep 2016
Hulu detects proxy
Wednesday 07 Sep 2016
Dallas Morning News endorses Senator Clinton.
Thursday 08 Sep 2016
Oh look links from 2014 I meant to post but never did!
The neat thing, well two neat things about working late are 1) this courtyard is so pretty & 2) it doesn’t happen often. (from last night)
Pizza Declination
The rough return of Cube Cat. Immersed in his phone. Work in progress.
Friday 09 Sep 2016
15 year old White House Reporter!
I swear my red shirt does not indicate I work here.
Saturday 10 Sep 2016
Grammie & David at Sundown
it me
Monday 12 Sep 2016
David + Sunglasses @ Jetty (from Saturday)
Wednesday 14 Sep 2016
An important message from John Stumpf, Wells Fargo CEO
Step Count
Thursday 15 Sep 2016
Thoughts on being an Old Geek
Friday 16 Sep 2016
Sheldon Brown, Jasmina Tešanović, and Bruce Sterling
The Six Million Dollar Ecom
Cosplay 2016, and 2015 too.
Saturday 17 Sep 2016
Yellow outfit lass.
Sunday 18 Sep 2016
import-external-images 500 error with Ajax
Monday 19 Sep 2016
Roman Numerals, Updated.
Tuesday 20 Sep 2016
I give you one guess.
Thursday 22 Sep 2016
That’s what the web is to me
Friday 23 Sep 2016
Gallery, exhumed.
Tuesday 27 Sep 2016
Wednesday 28 Sep 2016
Look E on Friars #sandiego
WebSanDiego’s 3rd Birthday
Guard Dog. #dogsofslacker
Friday 30 Sep 2016
Morning, earlier.
Tagged “#DogsOfSlacker”
Saturday 01 Oct 2016
Currywurst, often spoken about by my dad from when he was stationed at Checkpoint Charlie in West Germany.
hello #inktober ! 2016
Sunday 02 Oct 2016
inktober 2. Batman. #inktober #inktober2016
Monday 03 Oct 2016
San Diego Comic-Con / with David Snow! Fun find from the archives. 2001!
Kikaider (キカイダー) hails from 1972. Oftentimes I get suggestions from friends on bots I never heard of and I finally found an affordable Kikaider. Thanks @james47ag for inspiring today’s New Bot Monday!
Tuesday 04 Oct 2016
Inktober #3 2016 is autobiographical. The “LUNG” in “ArtLung” is from when I worked as a Respiratory Therapist.
This Is My Jam: Archive
Zatanna! Magical superhero. #inktober #inktober2016
Wednesday 05 Oct 2016
Graffiti’s getting out of control. #inktober #inktober2016
#inktober 5. #inktober2016
Thursday 06 Oct 2016
Audio Packrattitude
Buster Holmes
Lucius Warbaby from William Gibson’s Virtual Light is today’s #inktober Bounty hunter, doleful as hell, Amerasian from a 2006 San Francisco that never was. #inktober2016
Friday 07 Oct 2016
Weddings occasionally occur at the office where I work.
At some point I’ll do Carrie Kelly justice. #inktober #inktober2016
Saturday 08 Oct 2016
New Bot, Trek’s Q & #imwithher
Me, Raideen (sic) & Mazinga (sic). North of $200 each and too tall for the collection. Oceanside Antique Bots!
#inktober 8 melange. #inktober2016
Sunday 09 Oct 2016
nine inktober @artlung two thousand & sixteen #inktober2016
Monday 10 Oct 2016
Surly Penguin. concept by @starblade68 #inktober #inktober2016
Tuesday 11 Oct 2016
Lady Ada for #inktober and #adalovelaceday #inktober2016 I owe my livelihood to her.
Wednesday 12 Oct 2016
12 days running Ink Ink Ink. #inktober2016 #inktober
Thursday 13 Oct 2016
Bus Inktober Caricature of Magenta Chef with the Labret Piercing
Friday 14 Oct 2016
Inktober 1, 2015
Black Cat! Inktober 2, 2015
Inktober #3 2015: Skeleton.
Inktober #4 2015: featuring kid Cube Cat.
Inktober number seven 2015
Harlequin, Harley Quinn for #inktober 7, 2015
Inktober 12, 2015: overworked edition.
Inktober 14, 2015
Inktober 16, 2015
This week has been rough. What better balm than new bot Friday? GoShogun (ゴーショーグン) hails from 1981 anime and film. The toy is from 1999 and I dig it.
#Inktober 14. Space folk something something? #inktober2016
Saturday 15 Oct 2016
A #startrek sketch for #inktober #inktober2016
Tuesday 18 Oct 2016
new phone who dis
Special Service / 41 Bus.
Cheating and behind on #inktober2016 but feeling inspired by Afropunk, Afrofuturism & Greg Tate.
Wednesday 19 Oct 2016
Backdated #inktober2016 quickie roughs
Font Awesome is… Awesome
Thursday 20 Oct 2016
New addition to the corkboard.
Friday 21 Oct 2016
Bolo ties, with turquoise, a speciality. Made it to Arizona without incident.
Book of Mo— Found object, Mesa AZ.
So @lulubell_toys is awesome. If you’re in the Phoenix area, check it out.
Extremism in defense of commemorative plates is no vice. – Governor Barry Goldwater
An older photo, but this is my pal Chris to whom I wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Monday 24 Oct 2016
NEW BOT MONDAY: Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V. My most favorite Bot of all. ボルテス are the first Japanese ideograms I ever copied onto paper. Predates Voltron, with which it is confused, by 6 or 7 years. Famously banned by the dictatorial Marcos regime because of revolutionary ideas. Beloved by Filipinos of a certain age. Voltes V is the bot that made me fall in love with bots. Those toys are too highly priced to buy, but this one is a fine interim purchase.
Inscrutable #inktober2016 number 18. LATE. #inktober
INKTOBER NINETEEN. #inktober #inktober2016 Thank you waiting room guy.
Tuesday 25 Oct 2016
Sketchbot by @stevetalkowski joins the collection. Pencil-wielding with a bit of attitude. Got him in AZ @lulubell_toys
Wednesday 26 Oct 2016
Shelby getting up in my grill #dogsofslacker
Friday 28 Oct 2016
They Live is essential
Leah on “Black Sheep”
Sunday 30 Oct 2016
Sort of a hint about my “costume.” Sort of. Not really.
Monday 31 Oct 2016
I am an iPhone playing @slackerradio playing Prince. Foregoing the eye makeup. #slackerradio
Too scary (and pretty) to eat #slackerradio
Freddy & Me #slackerradio
Me and a Chicken!
Tuesday 01 Nov 2016
Home stretch for Hil.
Thursday 03 Nov 2016
No filter, but the water is dyed.
Surface Studio Pro at @microsoftstore San Diego sure is nice.
Sunday 06 Nov 2016
This daylight is not saved.
Thursday 10 Nov 2016
Will I take a break from the world for a #WonderWoman cupcake? Heck yes.
Friday 11 Nov 2016
California is – and must always be – a refuge of justice and opportunity for people of all walks, talks, ages and aspirations – regardless of how you look, where you live, what language you speak, or who you love. —California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León & California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon
Saturday 12 Nov 2016
not all girls who like makeup grow up to be pretty young ladies
California. Chevy. Say it again in your head, make sure to emphasize the “Ch” on this Impala.
Lillie & Maxie
Sunday 13 Nov 2016
Lille morning.
Toadstool. This land, was made for you and me.
Moon, super.
Monday 14 Nov 2016
Northern California, showing off this morning.
Tuesday 15 Nov 2016
Foggy morn.
California, keeper of the future of the USA.
Thursday 17 Nov 2016
Very pretty, but not a good harbinger for my day.
Saturday 19 Nov 2016
Good breakfast.
Monday I met Tom Bickle in person, I’ve known him online for 14 years, give or take. He lives in NorCal, 450 miles away. It was a delight to get to know each other in person. Our conversation was a bright light in a shadowy week. I hope we get a chance to converse again in the fullness of time. Reach out and be friendly, for life is short. Liberté, Liberté chérie!
Wednesday 23 Nov 2016
Hail to the Chief
Free goggles and USB cable at South Mission today.
Not really a beach day but we’re faking it. It’s great.
Holidays means family in town and fun adventures!
Monday 28 Nov 2016
Thursday 01 Dec 2016
Home. Work. Lots of history for me downtown. Ballpark in the distance. Grant in the mural upper right.
I am happy to see this park in service again.
The Adas Polo at Bandar was not fooling around 15 years ago. Still not fooling around. Pricey but amazing.
Jury Duty completed. San Diego is wonderful. Imperfect. This sky though: beauty.
Friday 02 Dec 2016
LILO is new here. #dogsofslacker
Saturday 03 Dec 2016
My Native Habitat
Sunday 04 Dec 2016
‘Tis the season—
Jacqui & Helene (& Santa)
Lee & Neen (& Santa)
Monday 05 Dec 2016
Full Grey, Full Red. From last week. Downtown.
Tuesday 06 Dec 2016
“Cutest Couple” candidates.
I walk lots & wear my shoes until they are overdue dead. Replaced.
Wednesday 07 Dec 2016
Daily reminder computers suck; avoid them. “Signage Player.exe has stopped working”
Thursday 08 Dec 2016
make judgments about what judgments you make
Friday 09 Dec 2016
Post-party last night. Happy Holidays Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah Happy New Year!
Gimme five Bear.
Drain vs. Dredge
Monday 12 Dec 2016
Sophie, from last week. #dogsofslacker
Tuesday 13 Dec 2016
My wonderful sister & Ferris. Year? 2000.
Thursday 15 Dec 2016
I made this “Hamburger.” (It’s a reminder of our Scrum safe word (when a speaker goes off into the weeds)).
Saturday 17 Dec 2016
Pre-show at REDCAT. James Baldwin Robert Johnson visual mashup.
Monday 19 Dec 2016
Then I picked up glasses, further solidifying my age.
Saturday 24 Dec 2016
Christmas Eve in Los Angeles!
Bella Elf/Christmas Eve Jumpin’
I look forward to a day many years hence when she will giggle at this photo. Merry Christmas Bella and everyone!
No cuteometer can measure this level of cuteness. Merry Christmas!
Sunday 25 Dec 2016
Tiny Mermaid Christmas Chaos
Tuesday 27 Dec 2016
I found a wall decoration in my building at work that’s pretty interesting.
Friday 30 Dec 2016
I like that my sister, my late Mom, and late Grandfather appear in my #2016bestnine