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  • Raph Koster: Augmented Reality is an MMO

    This insight is important. Quote of the day (well from July), from Raph Koster: AR is an MMO (writing about the incredible popularity of Pokémon GO: I’ve said this before, but in the wake of the viral success of Pokémon GO, it needs to be said again. Augmented reality is just a virtual world, an…

  • Skadi ended back in May

    One of my favorite webcomics, Skadi, ended back in May. It’s a wonderful world we live in that artists can publish their own work for readers to see and read. It’s sad when what they make ends, for whatever reason, but it’s also the way of things. Things do end. I don’t want to get…

  • 6 Months to another March MODOK Madness.

    Sigh. Our final days of MARCH MODOK MADNESS 2016. Repent! Catch up with what it’s all about at I submitted one back in 2012 (here). I need to do another one in 2017.