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Leah on “Black Sheep” 2016 Oct 28

It’s been some time since Leah wrote anything at length. Do yourself a favor and have a read of This One is for My Flock of Black Sheep (and Their Families), one of many good bits:

There have always been outcasts because we as humans have always been in tribes. In order for tribes to feel strong and cohesive and SURVIVE, there had to be an US versus THEM mentality. Not many of us actually need this dynamic anymore, given that we live in homes and have food on the table and our actual physical survival isn’t brokered by creating bonding rituals. And yet, these old patterns persist.

Check it out

blogged this at 7:59pm in 2016 in October. The 28th was a Friday. You are reading this 4 years later. Comment. There are no comments Tweet. Send email. It has hashtags→ .

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