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36 ArtLung posts from 2018

Tuesday 02 Jan 2018
Bodies of water light up the Kansas landscape below like an illuminated manuscript.
Illinois is covered by snow.
Wednesday 03 Jan 2018
McLean House, site of Lee’s surrender at the end of the Civil War on Palm Sunday, 1865. That’s me and my Pop.
Mom’s tennis trophies. She started playing in her 40s and loved it. Never too late to start ANYTHING.
Thursday 04 Jan 2018
haircut and sky
Friday 05 Jan 2018
Countryside 11am.
Virginia is filled with history.
I like visiting family and friends. If they have pets, that’s a bonus.
Saturday 06 Jan 2018
Family conference at the deli
Neko looks great. 6 months old.
Sunday 07 Jan 2018
Fourteen degrees Fahrenheit.
Sumi has no respect for me watching Alec Baldwin.
Daniel: “does a T-Rex eat meat?” Fletcher; “Yes”
Monday 08 Jan 2018
I never really got the hang of hats. 1977.
Tuesday 09 Jan 2018
Prosaic symmetry beautiful nonetheless.
Wednesday 10 Jan 2018
Blue Ridge. Another one of my homes.
My sister.
My grandparents Art & Phyllis Silva. Looking stylish.
Mom. June 1978. Possibly in Hong Kong.
Crawfords, 1968. Before my father went to Vietnam.
Thursday 11 Jan 2018
Jim Crawford. My Dad. ‘64. ‘64. ‘68. He’s led an extraordinary life. He’s led a life to be proud of, I’m proud of and thankful to him.
In transit.
[ KNOWLEDGE IS POWER ] Jefferson Building is covered in aphorisms, sayings, tile work, sculpture. It’s a temple to knowledge. My favorite aphorism so far is “there is no work of genius which has not been in the delight of man.” Lots of references to GOD but also ones like this: “there is one only good namely knowledge and one only evil namely ignorance.”
Friday 12 Jan 2018
my sister and my mom — I wish I knew the context for this one — look how happy they are!
My first (and not my last!) passport photo was a group shot. Me, 7, my sister, under 1, Mom, 30.
Saturday 13 Jan 2018
New sticker for my iPad! #uxcampdc
Sunday 14 Jan 2018
Cats (Neko & Sumi) last night: “this is our couch.”
Nephew Fletcher is not at 100% strength today.
Monday 15 Jan 2018
Drowsy kitty.
Tuesday 16 Jan 2018
Mom and her Dad.
Thursday 18 Jan 2018
Me, Kelly, and a stuffed shark. Because I loved Jaws and my newborn sister?!
Sunday 21 Jan 2018
Corgi @ maximum speed!
My Hare Krishna Costume. High School 198x.
Chicago Airport Moment
Monday 22 Jan 2018
Last week Fletcher was pretty sick, though he still had energy enough to ride his scooter!