I blogged for 17 years and all I got were these lousy Markov chains.2018Feb26

On Friday I wrote about how I turned 17 years of blog text into interesting sentences. I’ve also put that up on the web at and now, with the help of Cheap Bots Done Quick¬†(a free bot hosting service created by George Buckenham).

I turned that into a Twitter bot that tweets regularly. You can follow it at @BloggingBot.

I really like the code CBDQ uses: Tracery. It’s a straightforward, JavaScript-like syntax that’s kind of fun to write. It’s the brainchild of GalaxyKate.

"sentences": ["Here are videos of some of Leah's brothers and sisters.",
"Trying to get back on the horse, and I suppose I'm glad I don't get seasick.",
// 10,000 lines of pre-generated Markovify sentences
"If there are fewer, but still a long way to go. from Instagram IFTTTHere for kind of a joke as a band."],
"option": ["You asked for it!", "Here you go!", "Yes indeed!"],
"origin" : "#sentences#"

It’s free to host! Now, previously I’d written about @Ventcheck a bot I wrote at San Diego Code Kitchen in 2016.

BloggingBot can answer a reply made to it, because CBDQ has added that functionality. The reply Tracery code is nice too:

	"more please":"#option#\n\n#origin#\n\nThanks you for your kind attention. cc @artlung",
	".":"Hiya. I'm just a bot. But if you answer with \"more please\" then I'll tweet you again. :-)"

I submitted it to Mefi Projects yesterday. I look forward to having more projects to submit there. Metafilter is a great community.

So if you feel inclined, please feel free to follow @BloggingBot

I’m enjoying trying to write something technical every day. It’s a challenge that feels doable.

Thanks for your kind attention.

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