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Groggy morning doodle, 2017

Groggy morning doodle of David when he came in early. Also drew a cow, a pig, a dog, a duck, a monkey, and we also spent a bunch of time just making marks on the tablet.

Originally posted to Facebook September 10, 2017. Drawing made with Zen Brush 2 @psoftmobile_dev. And thank you Leah for a photo of this special moment.

“your new Apple iPad doesn’t have the latest Google apps”

Boo, Google. This is pretty obnoxious. If I wanted those apps I’d install them.

Google ~ Welcome to Google on your new Apple iPad ~  Based on your Google Account activity, we recommend using these apps to stay organized, collaborate, and keep your account secure.

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Today’s (well, July 2017) drawing practice.

Today’s drawing practice: taking an old drawing from 1988 or so and remaking it digitally. It was rare back then for me to draw from life and be happy with the result. I was impatient and hyper-self-critical. The source for this one was an exception. This drawing is of a pal of mine from way back, hanging out in P.B. She and I met working in the Note Department of Citizen’s Western Bank–just teenagers! Really great memories from long ago. I’m mulling a project: bringing San Diego’s more obscure bits of history to life in a comic form.

Originally posted to Facebook July 19, 2017 ~ with pencil and paper and Procreate

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Dad on the couch, 1987/2017

I’m continuing my art making. This is from a drawing of my Dad, from 1987. This is him exhausted from work, having some iced tea Crystal Light. I like to think he’s watching Victory at Sea, but I honestly can’t remember what he was watching. Note the Mylanta tablets on the coffee table. This was in Navy Housing down in Pacific Beach. I was out of high school and a bit lost. Note also the big books in the side table, if I remember there was a big Encyclopedia and a big dictionary. My Dad always took good care of us and has always worked so hard, and worked so hard to better himself.

Originally posted to Facebook July 14, 2017 · Pencil on paper, ProcreateApp on iPad Pro

Time lapse of this being made with Procreate

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Bizarre fraudulent phone message from 904-945-9929.

Here’s a weird message from someone impersonating agents of the federal government:

So, it has been considered as an intentional fraud and lawsuit has been filed under your name by United States Government.

You may call our department number 904-945-9929.

I repeat 904-945-9929.

Thank you.

Though the “9929” sounds like “nine ninety-nine” when this (person? speech synthesizer?) says it.

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Also, Tumblr: “Update on Russian-linked activity on Tumblr”

Just got this email:

Dear artlung,

As part of our commitment to transparency, we want you to know that we uncovered and terminated 84 accounts linked to Internet Research Agency or IRA (a group closely tied to the the Russian government) posing as members of the Tumblr community.

The IRA engages in electronic disinformation and propaganda campaigns around the world using phony social media accounts. When we uncovered these accounts, we notified law enforcement, terminated the accounts, and deleted their original posts.

While investigating their activity on Tumblr, we discovered that you either followed one of these accounts linked to the IRA, or liked or reblogged one of their posts:

  • 1-800-gloup
  • bellaxiao previously known as: blogmadworldlove
  • bellygangstaboo
  • blackness-by-your-side previously known as: black-galaxy-magic, fullyfurrymiracle, u4guy, ufo-pilot-and-his-sexy-spouse
  • cartnsncreal previously known as: feelmydragonballs
  • destinyrush previously known as: delightfullyghostlysong
  • down-to-venus previously known as: teenageflowerluminary
  • fedupwithlying previously known as: badgyalforyou
  • gogomrbrown previously known as: go-mrbrown, infectedv0ice, todd-la-death
  • honestlyyoungpersona
  • hustleinatrap previously known as: thenaturecanpost, tumblercube
  • info-mix previously known as: americanstatistics, crazypolitician, girlsagainst, illegalmom, just-stat, rochelbarr
  • lagonegirl
  • massivelydopepolice
  • mooseblogtimes
  • morningwoodz previously known as: 5cubes, bangbangempire, empireofweird, gifemprireohh, innerpicsempire, picsempire
  • nevaehtyler previously known as: laserenita
  • postingwhileblack previously known as: ghettablasta, heygeraldmartinjohanssen, honestinjun, nativewolveshere
  • rebellloudwiththecrowd previously known as: massivelystrangetyrant
  • sassydreamlandcloud
  • sumchckn previously known as: blondeinpolitics, blvckcommunity, classylgbthomie, hwuudoin, politixblondie
  • swagintherain previously known as: blacklivesmatterusa, carzwithgirlz
  • the-real-eye-to-see
  • thetrippytrip previously known as: matrixpath, themostpost
  • thingstolovefor previously known as: the-inner-mirror
  • this-truly-brutal-world previously known as: awesomewhitepearl, free-mind-and-soul

You aren’t in trouble, and don’t need to take any action if you don’t want to. We deleted the accounts but decided to leave up any reblog chains so that you can curate your own Tumblr to reflect your own personal views and perspectives.

Democracy requires transparency and an informed electorate and we take our disclosure responsibility very seriously. We’ll be aggressively watching for disinformation campaigns in the future, take the appropriate action, and make sure you know about it.

— Tumblr

See also: Tumblr staff: “We’re taking steps to protect against future interference in our political conversation by state-sponsored propaganda campaigns”

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Remember when we used to link to things?

So here’s a link to Doc Searls: Enough Alreadies, who said about leaving Quora:

Even if something gets a lot of notice, the news cycle is hardly longer than Now, and the sense of having done something quickly disappears.

The beautiful blog about aging with style Advanced Style posts Volunteer with Meals on Wheels, which sounds really awesome. See: America, let’s do lunch

If you haven’t seen the new Apple ad – watch it and the making of over on AdWeek\AdFreak: This Look Inside Spike Jonze’s Apple Ad Is as Fascinating as the Film Itself

My birthday was the other day, and mostly what I did on twitter was be wistful for RSS and gosh-darnit RSS is awesome. It’s how I found everything in here. In 2013 Jeremy Keith wrote Battle for the Planet of the APIs and it’s still apt.

Inspired by starting with:

Oh, and you should listen to Bruce Sterling at SXSW, as usual (this year is 2018!).

And Scott Andrew has some great example questions to ask your interviewer: How To Be More Interesting During A Technical Interview

Apple Watch Adoption — it looks like adoption of new versions is pretty darn fast. Impressive.

I did laundry the other day and there were free VHS and audio cassettes in the apartment laundry room. I forget what year it is, but this seems late.

New, unused VHS and audio tapes.

Swarm Checkins

Swarm Checkins

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