In 200 years someone will wonder what the heck AIM was. 2018 Mar 01

In 2003 I blogged this to AOL Journals:

I once had a fellow student give me this aphorism which i really like: the more competencies you have, the more deviancies you are allowed.

blogging via im makes it easy to blog and not get really distracted into writing something good. the downside is that it makes it easy to post meaningless drivel.

That was posted August 23, 2003.

The first sentence holds up.

The second? Less so.

AIM was shut down in December.

But it was really nice to be able to blog via instant message.

Why do I have that post from 2003? That ephemera? Because I migrated it from AOL Journals to Blogger in 2008.

Hopefully this post will make it to the web archive.

In 200 years maybe someone will get to read it.

It might be an autonomous artificial intelligence.

Or maybe a person?

And they’ll wonder what the heck AIM was!


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