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Torrey. Come faster, summer. Come faster.

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It’s true—I’m streamlined for trouble. #corgi #dogsofinstagram #socalcorgi #corgisofinstagram

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⭐️ ⭐️ If the SEA LIONS notice you, you are TOO CLOSE ⭐️ ⭐️

Swarm Checkins

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+2 Robots on the work robot team. Heads down working hard. #botfriday

Swarm Checkins

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I’m really happy with this vintage glass purchase. Frosty mug sensation!

Swarm Checkins

Swarm Checkins

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Getting the bot band back together. #toyrobots #voltesv #astroboy

Swarm Checkins

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Not precisely younger teenage me but not precisely not me either. I do so love @sketchpartysd #SketchPartySD

Lovely Light Mom

I snuck this photo of my Mom, Phyllis Crawford, when visiting Northern Virginia in May 2007. My sister was getting her Master’s Degree and many of us were visiting. I love the light in this photo. And I miss Mom. She would have been 72 today had she not died of cancer in 2010. May 8th is sometimes, but not always, Mother’s Day. Always a special day regardless of how bittersweet it is.

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It’s new bot Wednesday! Welcome Robot Spirits RX-75-4 Guntank! This fellow was a gift from my friend @hellokellykuhl from WonderCon and it’s a beaut!

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