Comic-Con Museum 2018 Nov 29

I’ve been going to San Diego Comic-Con a long time. I love that the San Diego Comic-Con Museum seems to have enthusiasm at a grassroots level:

Dear Joe,

All of us at Comic-Con Museum are overwhelmed by the support we received on Giving Tuesday. Thanks to you and many others we managed to raise $20,912 in contributions. Your gift brings us one step closer to getting the Museum open!

We firmly believe that the best way to build this project is through the shared passion of pop culture fans. As such, a part of our commitment to you as a Charter Member is exclusive access to help curate the Museum. Stay tuned throughout the year for opportunities to share your ideas on the types of events and programs we should offer.

Again, thank you for your support! Without your involvement, Joe, none of this will be possible. If you have a moment, you can help us keep up the momentum going by spreading the word to your friends and family through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Best Regards,

Adam Smith
Executive Director
Comic-Con Museum

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