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March 2019 Forty posts

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Wondercon is Magic.

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I am loving @procreate — mindblasting M.O.D.O.K. here at #Wondercon—any excuse to practice drawing is great. #marchmodokmadness

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I’m enjoying Wondercon so far! Not surprising. Mellow and positive!

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Tick-Pool! Hello #WonderCon! SPOON! #cosplay

Oh right faxes are a thing!

I have an inbound fax service. And periodically, I do get faxes. They are useless. They are spam. Is that the word? Junk mail. Junk fax. They are somehow all three simultaneously.

I kind of think it’s awesome that faxes still exist but also I’m sort of appalled. It would be a useful way to communicate via short and fast notes. You can handwrite if you choose to.

I know that I’ve been forced to use faxing in a few circumstances – job applications long ago, faxing information to support an application to rent.

And I see that most if not all newly sold printers still include the capacity to fax, even though I suspect it’s mostly not used. What is a fax but a scanner and a printer? Add a phone number and that’s a fax machine.

Anyone want to send me a fax?


Seems legit.

Attn: beneficiary.

This is to inform you that United Nation gave me instruction to contact you regarding your Compensation of ATM Visa Card.

After an extensive close door meeting between the Board of Directors of the UNITED NATIONS, THE WORLD BANK-GROUP AND INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND), it was resolved and agreed upon that this body “world international debt reconciliation committee” will work extensively to ensure that your Contract Payment, Your Inheritance and Lottery Winning prizes will be paid without hitches and delay through the World Bank –Group and IMF Insurance body.

Scam from 805-723-2700

Latest scam phone call:

Please try again. Hello. This is not a sales call. But a response to your request for information regarding a medical-grade brace to help you with chronic pain. Through new standards, you are now entitled to receive a medical-grade brace at no charge. For more information on how to receive your medical brace, press one now, or press nine to be placed on the do not call list.

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Attended a machine learning primer put on by San Diego Code Kitchen and the bots in the lobby are charming. @robolinkinc

Phone friends across from me on the NCTD Sprinter

‪So enjoyable to rework drawings from several years ago. Procreate, again.‬

Sister Helen Prejean

In February of 2018 I attended a talk given by Sister Helen Prejean at Cathedral Catholic High School. It was pretty great.

What I took away from it was her extraordinary and matter-of-fact way of speaking about something very difficult. That vengeance is ultimately useless. Political truths about the misapplication of the death penalty on nonwhite people and on the poor. And all in a very practical tone.

I found her inspiring.

I took notes.


Sister Helen Prejean has been instrumental in sparking national dialogue on the death penalty and helping to shape the Catholic Church’s newly vigorous opposition to state executions. She travels around the world giving talks about her ministry. She considers herself a southern storyteller.
Sister Helen is a member of the Congregation of St. Joseph. She spent her first years with the Sisters teaching religion to junior high school students. Realizing that being on the side of poor people is an essential part of the Gospel she moved into the St. Thomas Housing Project in New Orleans and began working at Hope House from 1981 – 1984.
During this time, she was asked to correspond with a death row inmate Patrick Sonnier at Angola. She agreed and became his spiritual adviser. After witnessing his execution, she wrote a book about the experience. The result was Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Account of the Death Penalty in the United States. It became a movie, an opera and a play for high schools and colleges.
Since 1984, Sister Helen has divided her time between educating citizens about the death penalty and counseling individual death row prisoners. She has accompanied six men to their deaths. In doing so, she began to suspect that some of those executed were not guilty. This realization inspired her second book, The Death of Innocents: An Eyewitness Account of Wrongful Executions, which was released by Random House in December of 2004.
Sr. Helen is presently at work on another book RIVER OF FIRE: MY SPIRITUAL JOURNEY

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