Oh right faxes are a thing!2019Mar29

I have an inbound fax service. And periodically, I do get faxes. They are useless. They are spam. Is that the word? Junk mail. Junk fax. They are somehow all three simultaneously.

I kind of think it’s awesome that faxes still exist but also I’m sort of appalled. It would be a useful way to communicate via short and fast notes. You can handwrite if you choose to.

I know that I’ve been forced to use faxing in a few circumstances – job applications long ago, faxing information to support an application to rent.

And I see that most if not all newly sold printersĀ stillĀ include the capacity to fax, even though I suspect it’s mostly not used. What is a fax but a scanner and a printer? Add a phone number and that’s a fax machine.

Anyone want to send me a fax?


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