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August, 2020: 8 posts.

HBO MAX still not on Roku. Bye bye HBO GO.2020Aug01

Man, so frustrating. I really like Roku as a platform. I can of course use an HBO MAX app on an iOS device and stream to my Chromecast but what a pain.


Dear Roku Customer,

As you may know, HBO discontinued the HBO GO service on July 31, 2020. HBO GO had previously enabled cable subscribers to access HBO via the streaming platform of their choosing at no additional cost.

The Roku platform still offers a number of alternative ways for customers to access HBO. Existing HBO users that subscribe through Comcast, Charter or AT&T TV can stream HBO on the Comcast Xfinity Stream, Spectrum TVand AT&T TV channels available on the Roku platform. Additionally, you can access HBO directly on Roku by subscribing to HBO on The Roku Channel.



Peanut Butter Cookie Grief2020Aug03

A few weeks ago I made the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook peanut butter cookie recipe.

Now, this is the same cookbook which was gifted to me when I moved out of my parents’ house.

I gathered the ingredients, and started making the cookies. As I was stirring the mixture I suddenly found tears were rolling down my cheeks. It was quite a interesting feeling.

The tie in was that she taught me to make those cookies when I was 9 or 10 years old.

I think the crying came from not having made the cookies since she died.

Every time I get a chance to feel grief, it’s unexpected. And welcome.

Those precious memories are so very valuable.

Long time since I’ve referenced Thomas PM Barnett2020Aug03

I remain a fan. Good thinker. On 28 July he posted a pithy piece: How badly US performs on COVID compared to rest of G20, here’s a quote:

Now the underperformers ranked by severity (defined as the biggest gap in percentage shares):

  1. EU: 27% COVID – 4% world pop = 23 percentage pt. gap
  2. United States: 23% – 4% = 19 pt. gap
  3. Brazil: 13% – 3% = 10 pt. gap
  4. United Kingdom: 7% – 1% = 6 pt. gap
  5. Mexico: 7% – 2% = 5 pt. gap
  6. Italy: 5% – 1% = 4 pt. gap
  7. France: 5% – 1% = 4 pt. gap.

If you translate that point gap into excess or preventable deaths, then it is expressed as follows:

  1. EU = 156,000 excess deaths
  2. United States = 126,000 excess deaths
  3. Brazil = 69,000 excess deaths
  4. United Kingdom = 39,000 excess deaths
  5. Mexico = 32,000 excess deaths
  6. Italy = 28,000 excess deaths
  7. France = 23,000 excess deaths.

And now it’s a few days later. Those numbers will keep ticking until we get our act together. Presuming we do.


From SDCC:

We sincerely hope you enjoyed Comic-Con@Home this past weekend on the previously scheduled dates of Comic-Con 2020 (July 22-26). And for those of you who took part, thanks for making it such a great success: As of Sunday evening, YouTube, the platform which hosted the majority of our programs, had received over 2.5 million total views worldwide on our over 350 panel presentations. By comparison, our Comic-Con meeting rooms at the San Diego Convention Center range in size from 200 seats to over 6,000 in the famed Hall H. Some of our Comic-Con@Home panels had viewership of over 200,000, making this event truly a Comic-Con for the world.

See all the stuff here


Depthcharge is the first game I would seek out at any arcade. Looking at it now, I can see how slow-moving it is. It’s rather uncomfortably slow in the same way Lunar Lander was. When I was between the ages of 8 and 10 I thought Depthcharge was amazing. I’m delighted to see that the Internet Archive has Depthcharge available to play online. I’ve had dreams about playing this game many times over the years.

It was 1978 when I first encountered it. It was in an arcade in the Philippines. I wish I could remember the other games in that arcade.

When I think about other games that have lingered in my psyche there’s only a few.

  • 1981: Centipede I played at the 7-11 on Carol Sue Avenue in Gretna, Louisiana over and over.
  • 1983: Tempest I played in a different arcade, also in Gretna. I remember the arcade was dark. I bought the single Pac-Man Fever at this same time. It was a heyday of videogames.
  • 1995: Cybersled I played in Fullerton, California at the Brea Mall. That was when I moved back from Virginia to California. I used it to blow off steam when I was looking for work and finding my first place in Koreatown in Los Angeles.
  • 1996: Virtual World Red Planet I played in Pasadena. And I also played a few times at the Virtual World in Las Vegas as well.
  • 2000: Tekken 3 was a machine at Jamison/Gold in Marina Del Rey. The company had built websites for NAMCO and everyone at J/G could play at will. What an amazing time that was for me.

Thanks for reading.

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