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October, 2022: 38 posts.

Galloway on Musk

Always worth a read, Galloway on Musk, October 2022 edition.

You’d hope the richest person in the world would assemble a circle of advisers who push back when appropriate (i.e., not yes men). But Elon’s history of reckless, childish behavior and these texts prove there is no group or individual who is a truth-teller. In the whole 151-page document, I found, no joke, just one instance of pushback. It came from Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, who, in response to Elon’s unhelpful “Is Twitter dying?” tweet, let Elon know what he thought: It was unhelpful. Elon’s response? A childish, terse insult.

Worth your time. / user / artlung

Los Angeles Times, August 23, 1988: Bodysurfing

BODY WAVES: Surfers Take to the Water Without Much Gear, Looking for a Free Ride:

The style of bodysurfing is that there is no established style.

“Bodysurfing is just you and the wave,” Budman, the lifeguard, said.

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