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May, 2023: 25 posts.

VueJS app to create TI Extended Basic CALL CHAR strings

I continue to revisit the kinds of things I did as a kid on the TI-99/4a computer through the lens of modern tooling. When I was a kid I used graph paper to create 8×8 grids, then worked backwards from that to create 16 character strings to represent those graphics.

Last night and this morning I created a reactive VueJS app that allows clicking on a graphical representation of the 8×8 grid, shows the individual binary slots as 1 or 0, and shows the individual hex characters (0 to 9, A to F) and allows a user to enter a hex string of 16 characters and see what the resulting graphic would be.

Along the way I use my JavaScript and CSS skills too.

Try it yourself


From Popehat: “Deserve’s Got Nothing To Do With It”

Deserve’s Got Nothing To Do With It from Ken White (popehat) is right on. The criminal justice system ought to be fair and impartial. I mean, what are those scales of justice about, what is the blindfold on Lady Justice supposed to be about? Whenever we ask if someone deserves to have had some awful thing happen to them by agents of the law we screwed up.


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